Whitby Goth Weekend – April 2016, Part One


By Jordan Mooney.
Photographs by Zhaos Photography.

The Cat on the Wall Crew is: Jordan Mooney, Kane Foster, Eddie Eales, Ross Eales, Matthew Sambrook
With thanks to Shelley, Paul, Karla and Brad. Much love!

It’s time once again; we’re rolling at a painfully slow pace through Yorkshire countryside towards Whitby. On a stuffy, crowded, half-deceased and ultimately very fatigued sounding bus, surrounded by gaggles of people in suspicious choices of black dress.

It’s April.

The Weekend is coming...

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West of the Sun release Siberian Hysteria – 1st Single from new album


By Jordan Mooney.

North London based psych rockers West of the Sun are new to us; but if this track is a worthy ambassadorial charge for the group, there’s no doubt we’ll be utterly enamoured with their sound in no time.

Siberian Hysteria is a stunning bit of psych rock – that uses about every noise a set of guitar strings can make to form a desert-bound saga of swagger and stoned vocal.

It’s perhaps one of the best psych rock songs I’ve heard since my reign of Cat on the Wall first began...

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Maddalena releases latest video – Candies


By Jordan Mooney.

Our friend, Maddalena (whom you’ll remember from We Are US, who visited us all the way back in 2014) has released another hypnotic single from her album, Electrodream. As usual, her music, voice and favoured cinematography form a practically trancelike tapestry; peaceful, gentle, inoffensive – something to tune out to rather than rock along with. The video seems particularly fitting; a quiet, peaceful country walk seems all too tailored to Maddy’s music...

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A startling message was released on the 30th of March 2016 via Red Paintings HQ revealing what many may have feared; Somebody we know only as TIME have taken one of the world’s most creative musical artists and held them to ransom.

TIME, from what we can ascertain, is a corporation held by anonymous bodies at a secure location under unknown terms...

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COTW Spotlight – THE BEAR, Northampton


The COTW Spotlight is a series of unpaid spots for small businesses and artists that we feel should get recognition. Clothing, jewellery, et al; The one rule is it’s something we’ve bought and used ourselves…

Over the 19th, 20th and 21st of February 2016, Cat on the Wall’s staff (meaning me… ahem) found themselves on a very exciting miniature road trip with our favourite group, Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons. One particular venue we visited was The Bear in Northampton, which we feel is fitting for a spotlig...

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Dick Venom & The Terrortones – Snake Oil For Snakes review


By Jordan Mooney.
Proofreading by Lydia Byron.

Dick Venom is easily one of the most creative voices of corruption in the United Kingdom today. His Terrortones are enamoured and feared; not only at Cat on the Wall towers, but across the country. Few groups can hump a stage to such a fine art. Few groups can alliterate their song titles so titillatingly. It’s all rather delightful...

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Lucifers Beard release Black & Blue – preview of next album YETI


By Jordan Mooney

Our dear friends at Lucifers Beard have brought another fine recording to our midst with Black and Blue, from their upcoming release Y E T I. As ever, it promises their finest genre crunching, tossing up a variety of styles, ideas and premises and letting them land point blank in a blender. True to form, it’s impossible to define and defies you to try...

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Fable Cry Release New Music Video – Dead Or Alive (For Now)


By Jordan Mooney.

Our favourite group of tuneful American gypsy apparitions have brought us another delightful offering with the music video for Dead Or Alive (for now), the latest single from their rather fabulous album, We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are.

Taking on another beautiful home grown approach, this latest addition to their audiovisual repertoire opts for huge amounts of makeup, stark black and white contrasts, painted backgrounds and, perhaps most strikingly, an utterly bizarre, dreamlike situation o...

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Billiards, Baz, and Rik Mayall – Magic Eight Ball & The Last Of The Old Romantics


By Jordan Mooney.
Proof reading by Rowan Jackson.

It is rare I find an album on the topic of love to be an interesting listen.

We’ve often bemoaned the influx of fop-haired tits with acoustic guitars crooning about a lass they saw on a bus, and this continues – in some form or another – to be a regular submission to the Webzine.

So when one sees a piece labelling itself as raising a glass for the ‘Old Romantics’, you can’t help but being drawn in a tad; the evocative title will attract any man who thinks he can carr...

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Whatever Happened To PHOO ACTION? A Retrospective And Study


Disclaimer: This piece is written to be largely humorous. No offence is intended to the sort of people who get angry at web writers. We are huge fans of Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn, Gorillaz, Tank Girl etc. etc. etc. and do not need reminding how brilliant they all are. Thank you.

By Jordan Mooney.

Jamie Hewlett has, since the early days of his work such as Tank Girl and Hewligan’s Haircut cropping up in the likes of 2000AD and Deadline during the 90s, been a cult comic creator worthy of a coffee-table book...

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