Moustaches and Riffs – Meet Huxtable!


By Jordan Mooney.

There seems to be a trend lately in that apocalyptic wasteland of charting rock music…

Generic, pissy two-piece rock bands with meagre, uninspired sounds garbling on about some toss or another. There’s been so many of them that this article would be clocking up at 4,000+ words in no time.

However, thankfully, in the unlikely landscape of Kilmarnock, a rock-duo has approached us with some beauteous riffs, heavy, impassioned vocals and a bloody brilliant attitude.


Huxtable, a duo of Jordan Yates and Marc William Brown, are unique in that they feel like they understand what ‘proper rock’ actually is, and come up with a vibrant set up of impassioned vocals and incredibly sharp riffs that could cut glass.

They’ve had quite a 2014...

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NOBODY CARES – The Official Music Video


The music video is, in many ways, a dying art. The days of television coverage for these things are pretty much over, and, today, online, they exist as more of a promotional tool – sometimes the first thing a potential fan will ever see, as they type the band’s name into youtube’s little search bar out of curiosity.

Video is expensive. It takes a lot of money, time, and effort to produce something genuinely stunning. And, on the director’s part, it takes a lot of listening, understanding and initiative. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a video that misinterprets its music and muddles the ideas of a track into a terrible mess of overstretched iconography.

Thankfully, for every concern about an independent, fresh artist…Hardy Hum, of And We Should Die Of That Roar, provides the exceptio...

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Undead Artists, Graveyard Calling and Punks Alive present The Travelling Morgue Horrorpunk Festival!

Johnny Rose, of The Thirteen Shots and Undead Artists fame, has touched down on this feral plane to inform us of a very exciting development.

On Saturday, the 4th of April, a Travelling Morgue is set to rumble into the Adam and Eve, Birmingham.

Aptly called ‘The Travelling Morgue Festival’, this rather beguiling line up of Horror Punk musicians is sure to set the city aflame, with Cat on the Wall familiars The Army of Walking Corpses and Trioxin Cherry slotted among the nine-band-strong rogue’s gallery. At least three bands are guaranteed to be half rotted, missing a limb, or, at the very least…



Sadly, Cat on the Wall is unable to attend. But we’re sure you’ve got no excuses!

Advance tickets – at only £1...

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December 20th 2014 – STP Xmas Show – The Star & Garter, Manchester


By Jordan Mooney.
Photographs by Zhaos Photography. (There’s more than we could fit into the review – go have a look!)

Before we begin, it’s time for our standard apology for the tardiness of our review. We, like anybody else, stop working for Christmas. But hey…less than three weeks late?!

Cat on the Wall is a ‘zine that’s as proud of those that appear repeatedly as we are of those new and exotic, and one of the biggest is the reappearance of STP Records throughout our roster of reviews and interviews.

STP Records is a home-grown label from the exotic, shining, futuristic metropolis (!) of Manchester – a testament to punk heritage and those more eclectic acts that a major label would be terrified of. Stu Taylor (the ST in STP, don’tchaknow) is well renowned for his undying support and...

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Raizing Hell release dire warning with ‘Thing For Murder’!


Our favourite Romanian Nasties Raizing Hell have released a troubling documentary based upon the hazards of their music, marketing under pretence of a music video.

Low-fi? Certainly – and the dubbing’s more than a bit obvious here and there – but the style the video carries is testament to the promise Liv made to us last time we saw her…they’re a multimedia group. And this seems to be the first step to their takeover of everything they can dig their filthy little claws into.

It’s home made, it’s trying to tell a story and it adds a bit more dimension to what a ‘home grown’ group can manage on a skeleton (hoho!) budget.


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Aleister X – Free Download of ‘Santa Claus Is Comin (LGH)’ for Christmas!

On this incredibly busy time of year for you, I humbly beseech you enjoy this uplifting, monumental 2014 holiday offering. If you find yourself so moved to review and post the track link to your wonderful blog, so be it my friend.

You are a charmer, Mr. X.

Just for you lovely folk this Christmas 2014, Aleister X has released a free track. For those who are sick to the teeth of Let It Go or All I Want For Christmas… Needless to say, it is a masterpiece of bewildering festive confusion and debauchery.

Think of that shopping centre Santa you once saw smoking a joint around the back of Poundland.

Now think of the one you saw being sick during that one horrible Christmas night out in Doncaster.

Now imagine happy slapping them a few times.

Now listen to this song.

Merry Christmas!


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Whitby Goth Weekend – Saturday 1st November, 2014


By Jordan Mooney.

Images by Zhaos Photography.

It was Saturday. I woke up with a headache and the remains of Nutella pizza clouding my memory. Then a seagull screamed past the window, and I swiftly remembered I was in Whitby. Then a steam engine on the NYMR whistled just to make sure.

Like the railway saddo that I am, I spent a good half hour watching out of our conveniently placed apartment window at the ‘run around’ of the train before I donned the top hat and tailcoat for another day’s roaming Whitby.

Unfortunately, Whitby was full.

And I mean ‘full’.

It was a positive nightmare trying to get around the town today – and it wasn’t Goths that were the problem...

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Whitby Goth Weekend – Friday 31st October, 2014


It’s taken a long time but we’re finally ready to talk about WGW Halloween 2014 – and it wasn’t an easy one. This night is a mixed bag, folks. It might even prove a touch..controversial. Remember these opinions are those of one man. Should you disagree? So be it..! We shan’t claim to be right all the time, ladies and gents, but we hope that you, at the very least, believe us to be fair.

By Jordan Mooney.

Photographs by Zhaos Photography.

When do we stop calling this a music event and start calling it a genuine phenomenon?

That was the question I asked my friends on both the 31st of October and 1st of November as it took us over fifteen minutes to amble across the 75ft Victorian swing bridge that acts as a sole central connection between Whitby’s famous cliffs.

I asked a similar question ...

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‘The Fallen Word’ – A Review


Oliver Harrison is a man that Cat on the Wall has known for a fair amount of time as an experimental man specialising in kinetic typography. In Jordan’s travels throughout animation history this modern day renaissance man has appeared as a weaver of tales more than once, and, with a musical history including the hardy cult group Satan’s Rats, it’s of little surprise that we’d end up with a particular interest in a true auteur.

His work has a quality that carries the unusual themes and fantastical elements that reminds one irresistibly of Kubrick. Tales and ideas rooted in studies of the human psyche, the human language – the more complex and beautiful aspects of life and record. Often complicated subjects that remain translated into a language any man or woman can understand.

Like Kubrick,...

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Hello friends!

Cat On The Wall co-founder Jo Whitby here! First of all I’d like to say a massive thank you to our esteemed editor Jordan Mooney for taking over the reigns back in 2013. His reviews and articles are always passion fueled and, as I’m sure you’ll agree, a delight to read too.

We decided from the outset that COTW would be advert free. We wanted to make sure we had control over what content we displayed on our pages and anyway, google ads are ugly, right? This means that Jordan, myself and all the contributors do not get paid. We take from our own pockets to keep the webspace and domain ticking over – something we don’t mind doing but occasionally we need to reach out to folks like you, our lovely readers, to lend the zine a helping hand.

How can you help? We’re not asking for m...

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