ALPHABETIC debut first single, French Boyfriend


By Jordan Mooney.

Alphabetic are a particularly fine call back to the days when music was, perhaps, simpler – but harder to categorise and easier to adapt for any situation. This is the good side of the 80s; less swaggering rock wankers and a bit more in the line of the radio’s finest moments.

French Boyfriend, the group’s fresh touch on an old fashioned trope (how many break up songs do you know?) , is right up our alley. Feeling particularly calm and relaxed, on face value, it’s particularly inoffensive...

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WINTER OF OUR DISCOTHEQUE – RADA Studios, London – 9th-14th June


Our dear playwright chum, Tess Humphrey, has very proudly unveiled to us the latest run of her critically acclaimed play, Winter Of Our Discotheque.

When Laurence Waugh arrives at disreputable public school, The Hastings, after being expelled from Eton, he is ready to make a fresh start. Greeted by his drug-addled roommate and bizarre head girl, the three begin their final year of school. Think you know this story? Think again.

Described as an ultra-black five-star comedy, in its previous iterations, Discotheque ha...

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Raizing Hell – Monsters Prefer Blondes Review

raizinghellslid copy

By Jordan Mooney.
Proofread by Lydia Byron.

Raizing Hell are back! And whilst they’re no soberer than their last visit to the elusive Cat on the Wall towers, they’ve certainly pulled a few changes. What do we think of their latest piece of B-music anarchy? Read on…

It’s very clear that Monsters Prefer Blondes has shifted the group’s talents are little bit further – everything here feels meaner, stronger, tougher – harder to crack and even a touch better at defending itself. Starting on an immediate high note with

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Huxtable Release new single ‘Favourite Thing’ Exclusively on Spotify


Huxtable are back!

That’s right, we’ve made contact with frozen hills of Scotland; and the radio has crackled once again with the inimitable rattle of riff-rock from Jordan Yates and Marc William Brown.

What more could one hope for?

The duo are hard at work on an album, but they felt this beast was simply too dangerous to contain – one can see why. Favourite Thing has all the hallmarks we’ve come to expect from Kilmarnock’s finest; but the sense of swagger and strength we’ve already heard from them in the past is p...

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Whitby Goth Weekend – April 2016, Part Two


By Jordan Mooney.
Photography by Zhaos Photography.
The Cat on the Wall Crew is: Jordan Mooney, Kane Foster, Eddie Eales, Ross Eales, Matthew Sambrook
With thanks to Jo, Jem, Magenta, Tim, Rowan and Trash. Much love!

We’ve sorted out most of our pre-ramble in Friday’s review – so I think it is only right we spare you the tedium and move right along to Saturday. Strap yourselves in once again, ladies and gents of the particularly Gothy persuasion – we’ve got quite an evening ahead of us.



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Whitby Goth Weekend – April 2016, Part One


By Jordan Mooney.
Photographs by Zhaos Photography.

The Cat on the Wall Crew is: Jordan Mooney, Kane Foster, Eddie Eales, Ross Eales, Matthew Sambrook
With thanks to Shelley, Paul, Karla and Brad. Much love!

It’s time once again; we’re rolling at a painfully slow pace through Yorkshire countryside towards Whitby. On a stuffy, crowded, half-deceased and ultimately very fatigued sounding bus, surrounded by gaggles of people in suspicious choices of black dress.

It’s April.

The Weekend is coming...

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West of the Sun release Siberian Hysteria – 1st Single from new album


By Jordan Mooney.

North London based psych rockers West of the Sun are new to us; but if this track is a worthy ambassadorial charge for the group, there’s no doubt we’ll be utterly enamoured with their sound in no time.

Siberian Hysteria is a stunning bit of psych rock – that uses about every noise a set of guitar strings can make to form a desert-bound saga of swagger and stoned vocal.

It’s perhaps one of the best psych rock songs I’ve heard since my reign of Cat on the Wall first began...

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Maddalena releases latest video – Candies


By Jordan Mooney.

Our friend, Maddalena (whom you’ll remember from We Are US, who visited us all the way back in 2014) has released another hypnotic single from her album, Electrodream. As usual, her music, voice and favoured cinematography form a practically trancelike tapestry; peaceful, gentle, inoffensive – something to tune out to rather than rock along with. The video seems particularly fitting; a quiet, peaceful country walk seems all too tailored to Maddy’s music...

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A startling message was released on the 30th of March 2016 via Red Paintings HQ revealing what many may have feared; Somebody we know only as TIME have taken one of the world’s most creative musical artists and held them to ransom.

TIME, from what we can ascertain, is a corporation held by anonymous bodies at a secure location under unknown terms...

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COTW Spotlight – THE BEAR, Northampton


The COTW Spotlight is a series of unpaid spots for small businesses and artists that we feel should get recognition. Clothing, jewellery, et al; The one rule is it’s something we’ve bought and used ourselves…

Over the 19th, 20th and 21st of February 2016, Cat on the Wall’s staff (meaning me… ahem) found themselves on a very exciting miniature road trip with our favourite group, Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons. One particular venue we visited was The Bear in Northampton, which we feel is fitting for a spotlig...

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