‘The Fallen Word’ – A Review


Oliver Harrison is a man that Cat on the Wall has known for a fair amount of time as an experimental man specialising in kinetic typography. In Jordan’s travels throughout animation history this modern day renaissance man has appeared as a weaver of tales more than once, and, with a musical history including the hardy cult group Satan’s Rats, it’s of little surprise that we’d end up with a particular interest in a true auteur.

His work has a quality that carries the unusual themes and fantastical elements that reminds one irresistibly of Kubrick. Tales and ideas rooted in studies of the human psyche, the human language – the more complex and beautiful aspects of life and record. Often complicated subjects that remain translated into a language any man or woman can understand.

Like Kubrick,...

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Hello friends!

Cat On The Wall co-founder Jo Whitby here! First of all I’d like to say a massive thank you to our esteemed editor Jordan Mooney for taking over the reigns back in 2013. His reviews and articles are always passion fueled and, as I’m sure you’ll agree, a delight to read too.

We decided from the outset that COTW would be advert free. We wanted to make sure we had control over what content we displayed on our pages and anyway, google ads are ugly, right? This means that Jordan, myself and all the contributors do not get paid. We take from our own pockets to keep the webspace and domain ticking over – something we don’t mind doing but occasionally we need to reach out to folks like you, our lovely readers, to lend the zine a helping hand.

How can you help? We’re not asking for m...

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Blues, Politics and War – And We Should Die of That Roar.


By Jordan Mooney.
Header image basis, first article photograph and posters courtesy of Igor Gruda, Grafotopia

That element of tragedy which lies in the very fact of frequency, has not yet wrought itself into the coarse emotion of mankind; and perhaps our frames could hardly bear much of it. If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel’s heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence. As it is, the quickest of us walk about well wadded with stupidity.

So goes that famous quote from Mary Ann Evan‘s era-defining novel, Middlemarch. The quote deals with the idea of people having no attention for common, everyday suffering – how we maintain a self-imposed ignorance as a defence mechan...

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Quiet Marauder’s new single – SOS – feat. Jemma Roper


Bloody hell, this lot again?!

That’s right, our favourite anti-folk Cardiff-Crazies are back - Quiet Marauder have stormed our office for the god-knowsieth time, smashing windows, leaving bits of Bono everywhere, a chewed up rubiks cube and a little betamax tape all ready and waiting, tied with ribbon – holding their latest music video – this time, it’s track 26 on volume 4 of their 111-track debut - SOS.

Telling the all-too-familiar-tale of a day’s office drudgery, the story soon takes a dark and increasingly bizarre turn in typical Marauder fashion – and once again features the fine values of On-Par productions, who once again turn a relatively low-fi video into a stunning piece of cinematography.

Quiet Marauder, in our opinion, remain one of the...

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Jordan Reyne – ‘Mother’ – the second in a matriarchal series


By Jordan Mooney.

It’s always a great event when an independent musician releases a new album or EP.

Forget a multi-million record artist releasing their 60th cash-in, forget an album of B-sides that weren’t good enough for release the first time ’round. Forget your limited editions, your special editions and your alternative cases…

No, no. The true pleasure is when people pour their heart and soul into a release and make something great. Ten times more graft, no labels peering over every minute to make sure there’s no room for upset – oh no. Typically it’s a musician sitting on a train with a notebook. A musician at home with an acoustic guitar on a Friday night. It’s music by people – people you can meet in a pub, people you can shake hands with, hug, share a drink with.

It makes music m...

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Spin-O-Rama – A Primitives Double Feature


By Jordan Mooney.

I’m too young to remember a lot of what made music great.

It’s sad, really, isn’t it? That such a phrase can be uttered in a time when, realistically, charting music should be bigger, more vibrant and, above all else, more fun and exciting than ever.

Just over twenty five years ago, the vibrant age of brightly-coloured upstarts on music television – take, for example, late 80s to early 90s Top of the Pops, was in full steam. But the age of fun party bands on television seems to have disappeared – and no, I don’t mean drivel like One Direction...

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Being ‘Little Freddie’ – Freddie Mack on being the Godson of history’s greatest frontman


By Jordan Mooney.
Photos courtesy of The Mack family.

Of all the people we’ve interviewed on ‘The Wall’, one of my favourites has to be Freddie Mack. Or Freddie Meat. Or Freddie from Liquid Meat. You get the idea!

Liquid Meat are one of those bands you don’t come across very often. A true rock group with metal lineage – with a real family heritage behind it.

When I first spoke to Freddie Mack, It didn’t take very long to piece together who he is. The son of the legendary record producer, Reinhold Mack, and, thus, as legend dictates…the godson of Freddie Mercury - perhaps the, scrub that, certainly the most legendary frontman in history.

Freddie Mercury doesn’t need introduction. From 1973, up until his death in 1991, he was quite literally one of the biggest rock gods of the music industr...

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Hemorrhoids, Horror Punk and Tiny Little Bugs – a Silpha and the Corpseboners Double Feature


By Jordan Mooney.

When you’re in this business, you begin working up a keen sense of what genre bands will loosely adhere to – all from title alone.

With that said, see if you can guess this one: Silpha and the Corpseboners.

That’s right. It’s time for another horror punk group, this time from our friends at Undead Artists, a label devoted to dark, scary and often bizarre punk and rock music. These fine ladies and gents are also responsible nowadays for keeping our good fiends Raizing Hell on a leash. Not an easy task, but a job somebody has to maintain. Even if it results in an occasional in-house dismemberment.

The very name of this band, really, should be enough for you. However, the band exceeds their own title tenfold – it’s a package full of surprises. Agony and Ecstasy isn’t a t...

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B-Movies, Snuffsville and Fukushima Mayflies – A Dick Venom Double Feature


By Jordan Mooney.

Before we begin this piece, we can only apologise for our hiatus – Cat on the Wall is planning something big and rather exciting, but it will take a lot of work – and, soon enough, your help – to execute.

More on that later.


Back in July, Cat on the Wall travelled to Pentrich Rock and Blues in Derbyshire as a little holiday from the continuous stresses of our everyday lives. (Sometimes, I run out of crisps. Tragic.) This intimate, proud little festival for ladies and gentlemen with big handlebars and bigger exhaust pipes is built on a series of very long standing – indeed, this was the thirtieth year of the festival – and very eccentric – established characteristics.

Clive Jackson from Doctor and the Medics (whom we interviewed last year) is the official compere for th...

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Quiet Marauder Release New Video – Pretty Girls Are (Pretty), Feat. My Name is Ian


Quiet Marauder, the finest anti-folk Mavericks in all of Wales (this sounds dubious, but we checked. It’s true.) are back with another seminal music video – this time, it’s for Pretty Girls Are (Pretty), a track featuring My Name Is Ian – which can be found on Disc One of their incredible 111 track album, MEN.

It details the mission to see pretty girls on public transport.

And how pretty girls are pretty. And asks one of life’s ultimate questions.

Why is it more sad when a pretty girl is sad? But not as sad when one who isn’t pretty is sad?

The answer may not surprise you.

The music video, as we’ve come to expect from this video series by On Par Productions, provides lush, high quality filming, excellent lighting and, ultimately, incredibly good production values.

As ever, it hammers home...

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