THE RED PAINTINGS release new music video “It Is As It Was”.


By Jordan Mooney.

After a successful – and very well received – première on Kerrang!, The time has come for us to inspect and appraise the latest video from Trash McSweeney and his marauding bunch of elegant extraterrestrial riffs…

This latest audiovisual offering is a particularly dark and dramatic piece of patchwork art forming a perfect trailer for the group’s theatrical abilities on stage; Loud, overbearing, disorientating and unyielding, it forms a warning to the extra-terrestrial life TRP feature so heavily in their unique form of media – a silken study of a world that’s gone wrong.

The group bite, tear apart and highlight the tragedy of a society that refuses to welcome – and cements the Painting’s place as a sanctuary for those as eccentr...

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04/07/2015 – Punk for Bull Terrier Welfare, The Old Angel, Notts


Our sincerest apologies to those whom have waited so patiently for this review. Our photographer has been rather busy – Birthdays and all that – and Jordan has decided he simply had to get this one done before his own birthday, which is coming ever-closer. Depressingly.

By Jordan Mooney.

With thanks to Becky, Pete, Andy, Ian, Dick and Nick. Much love, chaps!

Nottingham is one of our favourite destinations at Cat on the Wall. Full of history, really good pubs, a great music scene, and lots of punk bands. Perhaps more per square mile than any other city in England.

Unsurprisingly, on the 4th of July, all of these things collided and infused. And, as if to make things that little bit sweeter, it was all in aid of charity.

This particular gig was in aid of English Bull Terrier Welfare, with ...

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The Comfort of Loss and Dust – A Cold In Berlin Double Feature

CIBslid copy

By Jordan Mooney.

Since we saw Cold in Berlin at Whitby Goth Weekend back in 2014, it’s been a priority for us to get them on the Webzine. Sadly, it’s been difficult – between Jordan going through mental breakdowns reading through his email inbox and the group constantly working, it seems that this is the feature the forces of nature were against!

Thankfully, the arrival of a new album from the group, The Comfort of Loss and Dust has got them back on the Webzine, ready and waiting…!

So, what do we think of it? Let’s dive right into that black, shadowy pit of gloom and horror and see what we can wrestle out of it.

It must be said that Cold in Berlin’s sound has varied dramatically between their releases, and every album has in some way represented a different set of tastes, ideas and sty...

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An Interview with Tambourgi Productions – Organisers of the upcoming HEROES Club Nights, Soho


By Jordan Mooney.

David Bowie.

Whenever that name is uttered, thousands of evocative memories will fill a music fan’s head. Millions will know exactly who you’re talking about. It seems utterly pointless to even attempt an explanation for how iconic the man, the music and legend of Bowie really stands in the fabulous world of alternative culture.

So I won’t.

All you need to know is that some lovely people are bringing Bowie nights to Soho at the famous Borderline. These club nights are, incredibly, the first of their kind in the area, and are bound to light London’s famous red light district in a flood of stardust.

We decided that if anybody was unsure about how these events would work, we’d have to do a character autopsy on Tambourgi’s head honcho, Tess, and her resident DJ, Martin…


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The WHITBY GOTH MINDPROBE – Six audio interviews on site with performers


By Jordan Mooney, Matthew Sambrooke, Kane Foster and Ross Eales.

It’s a Whitby Goth tradition to carry a ‘Mind Probe’ feature in their leaflets preceding every event.

This feature, composed of the strangest, daftest and often most ridiculous questions plausible, is a great way to break up the formality of a music event and show the often more eccentric sides of the musical talent to those discovering them for the first time.

However, as the 21st Anniversary event ended up being so veritably large in line up, it was decided – with heavy hearts – to cut the mind probe from the leaflets lest it reach the page count of Gideon’s bible!

It thus became the responsibility of Cat on the Wall’s haphazard team of prized prats – Jordan (writer), Matthew (photographer), Kane (prized gent, tall person) ...

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Alexa De Strange release new Single – I AM MONSTER – July 1st


By Jordan Mooney.

Alexa De Strange, our besparkled darlings, have got a lovely new package for us, due for wide release on July the 1st.

I Am Monster‘ is a delightfully thick, dark and luscious beast of a track – veering into that Bride of Frankenstein territory which places you between wishing to sleep with the thing or run away screaming.

Combining an incredibly catchy hook and the ever-powerful, emotive vocals that characterise the group’s biggest strengths, the track really provides a tragic, but oh so seductive tale of a creature formed by years of ill speaking and insult – the reflection of the world’s less than pleasant reactions to what could well have been a thing of innocence and beauty.

Semi autobiographical? Almost certainly...

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FLASH BANG BAND – Spooky Action At A Distance


By Jordan Mooney.

Our favourite music video of the month is undoubtedly Flash Bang Band‘s ‘Spooky Action At A Distance.

Fuzzy video, pink and white colour schemes… and a balloon animal romping about the place on a wire. The entire video is an utterly charming – if somewhat unhinged – love letter to that nondescript, possibly even non-existent period of pop-culture weirdness during the 70s and early 80s – shooting your intrepid reporter straight back to the era of red leather and Rocky Horror. Which is weird, because he was born about twenty years too late to bloody see it.

Climb on your Vespa, strap up your union jack flags on the rear rack and hang a mink’s tail on for good measure. It’s about as authentically bizarre as it gets.

The song itself ...

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The Whitby Goth 21st Anniversary Spectacular – NIGHT FOUR


By Jordan Mooney.
Photographs by Zhaos Photography.
With thanks to Whitby Kustom, Jo and every single stage hand, security member and pint-puller.

The fourth night! All is due to draw to a close this evening. The final of a glorious four days. But with two of Sunday’s acts still claiming titles as some of the champions of our vast back catalogue of reviews and interviews, we were satisfied that it’d be quite the conclusion.

Expectations were high. Very high. I dare say… unreasonably so. The Damned were getting a particularly strong voice of anticipation, but in a rare revelation, their fans were here from the start, intrigued by the promise of a certain group of medical men and a cat lady. I’ve not seen a headliner’s fans decide to watch the complete evening in such numbers before...

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The Whitby Goth 21st Anniversary Spectacular – NIGHT THREE OF FOUR


By Jordan Mooney.
Photographs by Zhaos Photography.
With thanks to Lydia, Rowan, Jordan and Becky.

Night three! We’ve a lot of music to review and a very eventful evening indeed to take on this time around – with one of our favourite musicians on the set, what could possibly go wrong?!

The audience seemed larger tonight, and was practically throbbing with anticipation. Chattering away about this and that, the previous evenings, what they’d found at the Bring and Buy sale – there was a genuine feeling, that thus, far Whitby Goth had pleased more heads than I’d ever seen it manage. Perhaps it’s because there’s already been two days of music, and there was still another two to go?

Who knows.

The fact is that people were happy...

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10/05/2015 – Alexa De Strange, Slightlykilld and Filthy Palms @ Manchester Bierkeller


By Jordan Mooney.
Photographs by Zhaos Photography.

Manchester Printworks is a pretty damn impressive place.

I’d never been – not even once – but it ticked all of the boxes for me in the manner its ‘point’ is executed – disney-esque theming of a romanticised print industry in the very building that once housed the real thing.

It was a genuine surprise to see what we did inside this hulking great facade, and to see so many unusual places there, well…it was a delight.

“This looks like a fantastic music venue”, I proclaimed to our photography wizard, Matthew. Unfortunately, our stop for the night wasn’t really much of a venue at all…

The Bierkeller chain of pubs are effectively like German ale-swiggers’ renditions of Wetherspoons...

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