Quiet Marauder Release New Video – Pretty Girls Are (Pretty), Feat. My Name is Ian


Quiet Marauder, the finest anti-folk Mavericks in all of Wales (this sounds dubious, but we checked. It’s true.) are back with another seminal music video – this time, it’s for Pretty Girls Are (Pretty), a track featuring My Name Is Ian – which can be found on Disc One of their incredible 111 track album, MEN.

It details the mission to see pretty girls on public transport.

And how pretty girls are pretty. And asks one of life’s ultimate questions.

Why is it more sad when a pretty girl is sad? But not as sad when one who isn’t pretty is sad?

The answer may not surprise you.

The music video, as we’ve come to expect from this video series by On Par Productions, provides lush, high quality filming, excellent lighting and, ultimately, incredibly good production values.

As ever, it hammers home...

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Revisiting Deranged (1974) – A Film Review


By Brandon Engel.

The film Deranged came out in 1974, the same year as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Both films were inspired by the Wisconsin murderer and body snatcher, Ed Gein, and both films were pivotal in terms of establishing the so-called hixploitation subgenre, which toys with stereotypical portrayals of rural whites or hillbillies in low-budget horror films. And while Deranged has largely fallen off the radar in comparison to the immensely successful Chainsaw, it bears revisiting now, as Deranged offered a more direct telling of the Gein case than any film that had been released prior.

Countless horror films, including Psycho and The Silence of the Lambs, were also inspired by Gein. The real life Gein lived on a farm just outside of the very small town of Plainfield, Wisconsin...

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Another Trip to the Haunted Regis of Nottingham – An Army of Walking Corpses Double Feature


By Jordan Mooney.
Photographics by Asylum Seventy7.
K.M.D. artwork by Darkwave Art.

Zombies. Zombies, zombies, zombies. If there’s a horror icon to have really established itself as a major part of a popular culture in recent years, zombies are probably the posterchild. What was once a niche form of horror media has become a cornerstone.

But Zombies, as great as they are, aren’t always that scary. They often lack discipline, they lack Doc Martens and tattoos, and, more often than not, they simply don’t know how to arrange themselves. It’s extremely difficult to be scared of something incapable of strategic planning.

Zombies, furthermore, tend to be very difficult to orchestrate into a band...

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Mike Watt Cameos, Hairy Carpentry and DIY Punk – An interview with Milo’s Planes


By Jordan Mooney.

That’s not music. It’s just bloody noise.

Who else has heard that from friends, parents, colleagues, grandparents…? I reckon it’s all of you. Everybody has had their music – particularly if they’re a fan of hard, heavy rock, punk, metal, etc, belittled as nothing more than cacophony.

But you know what? I like noise. And something can be said for noise, too. It takes a lot of talent for a group these days to recreate that ‘garage sound’, that sound people will dub ‘just bloody noise’.

In these times of studio recording, overfinanced, overproduced and ridiculously clean music, it’s a nice change from convention, in my opinion, to hear something torn and ragged, loud and perhaps a touch overenthusiastic.

As ever, this introductory paragraph segues into today’s band....

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Victorians, Fables and Looping Machines – an interview with Jordan Reyne


By Jordan Mooney.

Today’s interview is with another performer we saw at Whitby Goth Weekend.

Despite being the first act of her night, she ended up becoming the performer of the Saturday evening and has completely dominated our aspirations of whom to interview from the line up.

With a seriously intelligent performance – building a complete band from only this one lady and a guitar. This is the first time we’ve ever seen the magic of looping machines on stage, and with it this single performer somehow succeeded in toppling the competition, even, for me, providing a more fascinating spectacle than the ‘big’ group of the evening.

With incredibly well produced lyrics telling stories of people surviving in the smoky backdrop of the Victorian Industrial revolution, it’s no wonder as to why Jorda...

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Modelling, Vocal Coaching and Rockstar on Tour – An Interview With Alexa De Strange


By Jordan Mooney.

There are few bands we’ve been quite so complimentary towards as Alexa De Strange.

We’ve dubbed them ‘world class’. We’ve claimed there’s few bands that deserve recognition as much as them…we solemnly believe Alexa De Strange to be one of the finest in the UK’s independent talent.

However there’s a lot more to the Strange family than meets the eye.

Indeed, Alexa, Shannon, George and Chris have weaved in and out of numerous bands, outfits, lifestyles and ideals in their time, but none quite so much as Alexa herself.

She’s classically trained, she’s worked with some huge artists, and now, here she is in an independent – near operatic – rock and roll outfit that we’ve simply fallen in love with.

And the story doesn’t end there.

On July the 11th – that’s right, tomorrow! The...

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Genuine Rock and Roll with all the gristle left in: Meet Liquid Meat!


By Jordan Mooney.

A lot is to be said for rock and roll.

In a time where so much ‘rock’ is populated by old men who can barely keep their teeth in their skulls – let alone hold a note – it’s always refreshing to hear something fresh, something unusual, something that perks one up a bit at first listen.

Similarly, it’s increasingly unusual to hear something that sticks to those – on the face of it – unpleasant, seedy values that have built up rock and roll over the years. Drinking Absinthe until you can smell colours, intimidating men and turning on women with copious bulges in your jeans and over exposed chest hair, and, of course, wearing hundreds of tattoos on your arms alone. In terms of sound? A bit more complicated.

To sound like a ‘proper’ rock group, you have to sound loud, confiden...

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Gig Review – Corporation, Sheffield – 26th of June 2014


By Jordan Mooney.

Photographs by Zhaos Photography.

Yorkshire, and, in many ways, the North in general, has a lot of difficulty in the alternative scene.

Mainly because there isn’t much of one that’s heavily recognised or identified with. When we’re based in Leeds, this makes things difficult. Our closest concert city is Manchester, and even this fine city isn’t too accepting of the punk ethic.

Needless to say, this broad, somewhat sweeping definition has no interest in saying there isn’t a scene at all. Of course there is – it’s simply not recognised. The closest that Yorkshire has to true alternative scenes are the unusual and eclectic festivals, such as the seminal Whitby Goth. It simply seems that the majority is buried deep underground.

Which has a few effects.

The first is that we’ve...

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An Interview with Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire


By Jo Whitby and Celine Lux.

roddyimg1Sheltering from the sun in the shade of a nearby building, we tuck in to our first authentic Italian ice cream on Byres Road in the West End of Glasgow. Believe it or not, Glasgow is currently the hottest place in the UK which means we are, of course, wearing far too much clothing for such glorious weather. We’ve arranged to meet Roddy Hart at a local coffee shop called ‘Tinderbox’, its name a reference to the Cocteau Twins track ‘The Tinderbox (Of a Heart)’ perhaps? After initially seating ourselves at a small table directly underneath a speaker piping out the kind of trendy music only coffee shops play we move across to a recently vacated booth – coffee is ordered and we begin setting up.

Enter Roddy Hart.

Sporting a short sleeved plaid shirt, jeans...

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Filler Feature: The Cat on the Wall Gig Routine


By Jordan Mooney.
Routine built in partnership with Matthew Sambrook and Kane Foster.

Everybody has a routine when it comes to concerts, regardless of genre or location – certain ‘traditions’ that you establish as your gig count racks up. This can surround travelling to the city in which the gig is due to take place, or finding your bearings, or simply what you have to do before returning to your hotel, car, private jet or pumpkin carriage.

Today, for the benefit of absolutely nobody, we at Cat on the Wall present our methods.*

*In actual fact, it’s because of some slow responding music promoters leaving us with no feature this week. The result is this filler piece is one of the most informal things we’ve ever published..!


Step One: Dress to confuse or impre...

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