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Cat on the Wall is overjoyed to announce that this year we are, once again, in the running for the 2014 Wales Blog Awards, an event held by Wales Online and Warwick Emanuel PR to celebrate Welsh digital media and the ongoing importance of blogging in practically every hobby,  enthusiast circle and professional enterprise.

We are in the nominees – one of three up for the category and only thirty two shortlisters across the board – for the ‘Carrick Creative’ Best Music and Entertainment Blog, testament entirely to the hard work that all affiliated with this now thriving webzine have dedicated to provide the finest articles, interviews, and, most of all, introduce the cusp of original, unusual (if sometimes unsavoury!) music to the...

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A Baked Double Feature


By Jordan Mooney

Psychedelic Rock is, I feel, often underappreciated. Particularly when it’s done right. By the very nature of the genre, it has to get into the head – and perhaps more importantly, the mind.

The human brain is notoriously easy to stick a tune into, but to unfold with music? That takes skill, and you can’t just pretend to be a ‘proper’ psych group – to complicate the matter even further, it’s beyond the basic idea of simply playing instruments. It takes a firm knowledge of mixing and atmosphere, experimentation and build. It’s a very convoluted sort of aim, and it, like all music, can mean different things to different people. The brain is one matter, but the mind is another...

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Quiet Marauder release a new music video – ‘Wake Up Bono’


By Jordan Mooney

My friends are all music fans, ladies and gentlemen, and, like most music fans, they all love the strange little world of the music video – and this, knowing this rather bizarre occupation of mine, brings about a fairly common conversation.

What makes a good music video to you?

Well“, I respond in my usual, thoughtful way…

There’s a lot of factors. There’s lighting, there’s direction, there’s the song itself of course, there’s the story, and the band has to be interesting to look at. Music videos are, if anything, more important than ever. Online, they’re often a person’s first look at a group. Of course, the most important thing in any music video is Bono having his toenails ripped off and a pair of natty suspenders.bonofact1

There, no matter of the company, now begins an awk...

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Le Strade – In Fuga Verso Il Confine


By Jordan Mooney.

Before I start this review…I don’t speak Italian. Not a bit of it. I can’t even speak French. I’m simply not a multi-lingual sort, ladies and gentlemen, but I like to think I know my music. It’s a requirement from the job, to what I understand (!) – and I’m not one to quibble. If music is good, it’s liable to get a feature – if it’s also interesting, the liability increases tenfold. If it’s simply something we’ve never done before, it’s normally a dead cert.

Today’s group is an Italian alternative group called Le Strade, one of the only groups I think we’ve ever had here that sings in their native language. This particular group are of rapidly increasing popularity in their home country – and it’s no real surprise.

Born in 2011 in the fine city of Bologna, lestrade1they’ve had a f...

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Dracula: Die Laughing announced as part of Whitby Goth Weekend Fringe, April 2014


April’s Whitby Goth Weekend this year is looking bigger than ever!

For the first time ever this year, the official Whitby Goth Weekend Fringe events will include a theatrical comedy – one that we at Cat on the Wall think you’ll agree is very fitting indeed..!

Dracula: Die Laughing, written by internationally produced playwright Ed Waugh (With hits under his belt including Dirty Dusting, Waiting for Gateaux and Maggie’s End) tells the story of the famous Count Dracula escaping the clutches of vampire hunters by blending into the onslaught of Goths at the UK’s most famous alternative festival.

Directed by Gareth Hunter, it promises to show Dracula as we’ve never seen him before!

 A5 Poster - Dracula Die Laughing_Whitby_2014_001

The show has made ripples in the comedy scene already, having practised with sell out audiences at small venu...

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Conflict and Corpse Paint – A Carach Angren Double Feature


So ends this tale of fates aligned. A prophecy of war entwined into bloody knots that won’t unwind. This ominous recording is all that’s left behind.

By Michal Bajer.

When examining the essence of horror, distilled from the purest poisons and fears of man, one is left with a damning portrait. Our fear of death, torture and the unknown set up an intricate web of terror, with each thread stitched into one critical pinnacle. Like the Beast, horror takes many forms. A strip of celluloid capturing a shadow on the wall, a book with writings on unfathomable cosmic horrors. What about music? Specifically, metal music?

Upon discovering the unique symphonic black metal of Carach Angren a few years back, one is reminded of a ghost tale, told around a campfire during a foggy night by a very enthusiast...

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A Dark Country Double Feature


By Jordan Mooney.

Cat on the Wall loves a bit of rock. And metal. And punk. Basically, we like noisy music.

Punk is probably the most common genre to pop up here these days, and all of these genres, their subgenres, their followings and their respective heritages have brought about some incredible music.dc 9

The strangest thing about this sort of music is there’s always a certain sense of dignity, a superiority in the tough, stagebound performer. Whether it’s standing in front of the incredible noise, the moving  a strong guitar riff or as simple as being a few feet off of the ground on the stage in front of as few as twenty or as many as twenty thousand, rock adds a certain grandeur to even the most drunken, lecherous performer...

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Video Premiere – Little Eris – ‘WRECK N ROLLIN’


Little Eris, a true multimedia artist in every sense of the word, releases her latest single, Wreck N Rollin on the 1st of May – Until then, we’ve got the great prestige of launching the incredibly creative – and rather funny – miniature B-Movie music video, set against the lush, green lands of Wales!

Directed by Alistair Parkhurst, head of Cardiff Independent Film Festival, and starring actors Holly Rivers and Anthony Burns, we hope you’ll agree that this is one of the best music videos we’ve seen thus far this year.. with a very genuine, stomping punk track running alongside.

Little Eris is certainly one of the most unique and fabulously entertaining ladies in the Welsh music scene today and we’re thrilled to be launching this video for her!


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An Interview With Juliette Commagere


Juliette Commagere is a fairly new but increasingly familiar name on the British music scene as of late. Despite being based in the United States, from the off, she’s gained a fine following and a pleasant reaction from media and listeners alike.

Juliette Commagere (4)Coming from the decidedly more rock and roll roots of Hello Stranger, Juliette, whom was best known for vocals and guitar in the talented, albeit somewhat infamous group, is now, instead, a master of the electronic.

Really, it’s of little question as to why – Juliette has a bewitching, beautiful voice and a strong grasp on any instrument we’ve heard her pick up. With the release of her new LP, Human, she’s exposed a dark, brooding side to her music, her elegant, composed vocals being joined by dark, industrial electronic beats that bring to mind t...

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Aurelio Voltaire’s Raised By Bats – A Review


By Jordan Mooney.

It is no secret to Cat on the Wall regulars that we love Goth. Since Whitby Goth Weekend last year, Goth has become a big part of our webzine’s roster and readership. Perhaps it’s the humour. Perhaps it’s the sheer elegance, or perhaps we just love black.

Perhaps, in fact, we were just brought up by those leathery-winged creatures of the night…


One of the pulsating epicentres of the goth movement – one of many, mind, but this one is particularly substantial – is a man called Aurelio Voltaire. A tall, lean, devilishly handsome gentleman whom has, over the past twenty years, provided the finest in elegant and often hilarious gothic folk music, aided by violins, cellos and brass. His deep, smooth tones have excited many a man and lady...

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