10/05/2015 – Alexa De Strange, Slightlykilld and Filfthy Palms @ Manchester Bierkeller


By Jordan Mooney.
Photographs by Zhaos Photography.

Manchester Printworks is a pretty damn impressive place.

I’d never been – not even once – but it ticked all of the boxes for me in the manner its ‘point’ is executed – disney-esque theming of a romanticised print industry in the very building that once housed the real thing.

It was a genuine surprise to see what we did inside this hulking great facade, and to see so many unusual places there, well…it was a delight.

“This looks like a fantastic music venue”, I proclaimed to our photography wizard, Matthew. Unfortunately, our stop for the night wasn’t really much of a venue at all…

The Bierkeller chain of pubs are effectively like German ale-swiggers’ renditions of Wetherspoons...

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The Whitby Goth 21st Anniversary Spectacular – NIGHT TWO OF FOUR


By Jordan Mooney.
Photographs by Zhaos Photography.
With special thanks to Louise, Jo and Trash McSweeney.

Friday the 24th of April. 7:00PM. and time for more lovely music. People were excited, people were smiling and a lot of people were hyping bands up like nobody’s business.

After last night, expectations were high. Were we going to get another Red Paintings? Another runaway, unexpected success? Perhaps the first evening was doomed to be the peak of the spectacular.

Come hither, ladies and gents, sit by my fireplace, and I shall tell you the tale…

PLEASE NOTE – Our Photographer, Matthew, while being allowed behind the barrier for photography the previous evening, was not, it turned out, on the list of accredited photographers (despite a special COTW pass) – and thus was unable to do so ...

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The Whitby Goth 21st Anniversary Spectacular – NIGHT ONE OF FOUR


By Jordan Mooney.
Photographs by Zhaos Photography.
With thanks to Kane, Eddie, Ross, Brad and Karla.

April Whitby Goth. Thursday the 23rd of April. It was too sunny, and my top hat’s leather band was beginning to make my forehead melt.

We were watching soundcheck with interest – every group finishing quickly and efficiently, after which we began plucking them for interviews to take part in Whitby Goth’s mindprobe. (Coming soon! Tell your friends! etc…) Bands turned up intermittently – we had never seen any of them before and had to make informed guesses, squinting desperately at the press photographs printed in the event’s booklets. Each time, we were wrong.

We decided not to ask musicians out of respect and instead just threw ourselves in with over-copious (but very polite) recitals o...

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Whitby Goth Weekend Photo Competition – WINNER ANNOUNCED!


The Whitby Goth competition has closed with a grand total of..wait for it…

Seven entries. Two of which have been disqualified due to photoshop-based cheating.


Now as we announce our winner please note that this decision is made in tandem with Whitby Goth Weekend and Cat on the Wall – as such it is final! No arguing or we’ll get very upset.

With that, here we go!

Our winner for the 2015 Autumn ticket spectacular Justyna from Scarborough. Pink hair and goggles form the victor for this year!


All other qualifying entries will receive the Limited Edition WGW 21st Birthday T-shirt for their troubles! We’ll now begin emailing for your addresses and sizes.

Thank you very much to all whom entered. It’s gallery time. Insert some Noveltones music here…

IMAG0703 20150422_224150 IMG_20150422_195148 WP_20150422_009

You are all beautiful...

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Vince Ripper & The Rodent Show – ‘It’s Fun To Be A Monster’


By Jordan Mooney.

Picture if you will…

It’s the late 90s. A worn down Blackpool bingo hall has been cleared to make way for the usual DJ sets. Nothing particularly inspired, and a crumbling plaster wall with rising damp is all that acts as a backdrop.

The audience is a few teenagers – made up far too much and plastered in neon. The UV light isn’t quite strong enough to pick up their fluorescent make up, and keeps flickering. Within its casing are a plastering of long-deceased flies.

Some dust falls from the knackered lighting rig as they attempt to get the controls for them working. It’s given up as a bad job and the technician goes for a piss. The door to the men’s room is hanging off of its hinges, and on the back of it, there’s a crudely scribbled phone number advertising ‘a good time’.

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Andi Sex Gang needs your help – IndieGoGo campaign with WGW perks nearing end!

Andi Sex Gang, one of the many inspiring artists set to perform at April’s Whitby Goth Weekend this year, is currently running an IndieGoGo to aid in the production of the group’s next magnum opus, Achilles in the Eurozone.

Unfortunately, at this moment in time it’s coming quite some way short due to the presence, we  suspect, of the word ‘Sex’ in the group’s stage name, which those terrifying Facebook dictators have frowned upon heavily. Without the aid of social media truly taking a role, they’re currently up to only £770 from a required £6,000.

This means that one of the world’s strangest and most mystical performers NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Give a little, help a lot, is the order of the day – a few pounds, a fiver, it doesn’t matter – the campaign has only six days until completion, so all ...

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Whitby Goth Weekend Photo Competition – WIN TWO HALLOWE’EN 2015 TICKETS!


To celebrate the 21st Birthday of Whitby Goth Weekend this year, Cat on the Wall has the pleasure to announce a competition for Weekend Tickets to the Hallowe’en 2015 event, thanks to our generous partnership with the UK’s premier Goth festival.

All you need is your Goth clothes, a camera, a nice marker pen and a sheet of paper. And potentially a lot of hair dye if you so desire.

The question is simple….

What THREE THINGS do you love most about Whitby Goth Weekend?

Just write your three choices on a piece of paper, pop in your fangs and put on your finest silks and take a photograph of yourself holding up your newly established sign of appreciation!

Email this photograph to JORDAN(AT)CATONTHEWALL.NET under the subject ‘WGW COMPETITION’ by Midnight on the 22nd of April!

At the last Whitby ...

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By Jordan Mooney.

It’s time for the next album sent to us by STP Records’ dear Uncle Stu. Last week it was DragSTER – this time, we’re going for a band we’ve never listened to before from the vast array of unusual artists on the STP roster. Why not? Well, they’re all the way across the Atlantic, so we’ve never seen a show, for a start…

Midnight Mob are one of the relatively few out-of-country connections for STP – based in the writhing, carbon-dioxide spouting metropolis of New York, the group has a dramatic setting for some very, very dramatic music.

The CD’s cover doesn’t reveal much – and not knowing much about the group myself, I was actually quite surprised to hear such a modern sound from our favourite label...

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By Jordan Mooney.

They said that the peace would be eternal. That finally, the beast had fallen silent – the Hi-Fi’s speakers were silent and collecting dust. The iTunes playlist would not exceed the next multi-thousand milestone. The CD Collection would not grow further.

But no. Fear not; we were just on hiatus while Jordan had to focus on earning his contract at a new job. He has his contract now, so we’re opening back up. May we never fall silent again, apart from when eating, that just isn’t pretty.

And have we got some corkers for you – while we’ve been stressed out over other things, our wonderful bearded labelman extraordinaire Mr. Stu Taylor has been sending us bubble-envelopes of STP Records’ latest releases.

So, without further ado…let’s get ourselves stuck into this palette of...

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Four Past Midnight


By Jordan Mooney.

One of the many fine albums sent to us recently by Stu Taylor at STP Records is a…horrors! A compilation?! Well, let’s have a look…

The uninitiated’s opinion of ‘Punk’ is, these days, rather heavily outdated. The idea of blokes in T-shirts making a lot of anarchic noise and shouting into microphones against a backdrop of crunching guitars is a unique genre that just isn’t in favour any more. As new talent rolls in, these old ideals are replaced by newer sub-genres, mixes and causes – that are mostly wonderful, of course…

But sometimes you want a simpler taste of things. Exactly the sort of Punk that was filling bars twenty five, thirty years ago. Sometimes you want to see some blokes just tearing everything a new one.

And, frankly, for us, the younger generation…

Well, ...

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