Hands Off Gretel – Burn the Beauty Queen – Album Review


By Jordan Mooney.

Where does one go for a new sight? Or a new taste? A new sound? We’ve often theorised that the best place is Whitby Goth Weekend, and it’s at the Spa in April 2016 that we first met the impenetrable power of Hands Off Gretel. Now, the Riotous, raucous and unhinged opus of Lauren Tate‘s work has strode back into Cat on the Wall’s Quarters, and for the first time we’ve got some proper recorded material to dive into and treat with our usual toothcomb.

Hands Off Gretel are a great way of proving what w...

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An interview with Francesca Bonci – Visual Artist & Video Maker


By Jordan Mooney.

The music video is a high art, in many ways. We’ve often doled out our praise to the interesting approaches a band can take to get them done independently, cheaply, and quickly. There’s no hiding the fact that music is an expensive business, especially without a label throwing wads of cash your way, but a good video on Youtube is an essential bit of promotion. What’s one to do?

We’ve found an Italian artist who may well have the answer…

Francesca Bonci has already got a vast – and rather impressive...

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Alexa De Strange – CON CONJONES – the Official Live DVD


By Jordan Mooney.

In this world of rock and roll, live DVDs and CDs still pepper the big-label groups’ repertoire. They are often over produced, under enthused and, more often than not, simply not very interesting. This is the curse of the rock and roll star – forty years of playing grinding them into a shallow, out of tune husk.

Thankfully, if there’s one group of stars I know will never reach that sorry state, it’s our good friends at Alexa De Strange, and, in order to celebrate their imminent return to the United...

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The Empty Page – Unfolding – Album Review

emptypageslid copy

By Jordan Mooney.
With thanks to Kel for her patience!

There are many ‘hot spots’ for music in the UK, and one of the most historically significant and increasingly vibrant is Manchester – the city’s musical geography is almost impossible to classify; but we like to think a lot of it can be represented by The Empty Page…

The Empty Page Unfolding - album cover - low res

Effortlessly cool, and carrying a natural spectrum of rebellion, their debut album, Unfolding runs at its own pace, pushing the establishment over with poeticisms rather than overt anger or aggress...

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Carl Moorcroft – On The Road – Album Review


By Jordan Mooney.

Indie Acoustic albums have never quite sat well with me; I’m far more in the punky side of things, and, in my experience (thank you email inbox), they all too often end up sounding irritatingly pretentious, crooning about lost love so consistently that it’s awfully tempting to provide a pigeonhole for ‘fop-haired hipsters who didn’t get laid’.

Thankfully, of course, Cat on the Wall also benefits from a mass of connections with unusual and interesting sources of music – and when Anti Pop Records, on...

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Music Video: Will Wood & The Tapeworms Release “Mr. Capgras Encounters a Secondhand Vanity…”


By Jordan Mooney.

Having never heard of Will Wood and the Tapeworms, and with a title so…unpredictable as Mr. Capgras Encounters a Secondhand Vanity: Tulpamancer’s Prosopagnosia as Direct Result of Trauma to the Fusiform Gyrus, it felt quite clear that absolutely anything could happen when I clicked this youtube link. And, quite simply, it did.

With a vaudevillian brand of cacophonous anti-folk screaming about pretending to be something you aren’t, the track ponders – very...

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Purpleman – the post-film premiere review


By Jordan Mooney.

Shortly after his historical UK Première of The Chronicles of Purpleman, (read our review here) we managed to sit down with the illustrious man of the purple loincloth himself for a chat about the movie, his recent experiences and what the future may hold. There’s everything from fart talk to life advice to follow – enjoy!

Cat on the Wall: Hello there, Purpleman. Welcome back to Cat on the Wall! Please keep your purple shoes on the purple carpet – we had horrible staining last time… You’ve had ...

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The Chronicles of Purpleman – Review


By Jordan Mooney.
With thanks to Tess Humphrey, Purpleman, Rob Martin and Helen Fay.

Purpleman’s name has been rung around a lot in the Yorkshire press as of late; little surprise, for he’s been extraordinarily busy. Art shows, new performance pieces, the enlisting of further Purple gentlemen across the world, and, as a piece de la resistance, his now world famous mission to bring 4,000 soft toys across the Syrian border to displaced children whom have lost their closest companions.

The result is he’s become engra...

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ALPHABETIC debut first single, French Boyfriend


By Jordan Mooney.

Alphabetic are a particularly fine call back to the days when music was, perhaps, simpler – but harder to categorise and easier to adapt for any situation. This is the good side of the 80s; less swaggering rock wankers and a bit more in the line of the radio’s finest moments.

French Boyfriend, the group’s fresh touch on an old fashioned trope (how many break up songs do you know?) , is right up our alley. Feeling particularly calm and relaxed, on face value, it’s particularly inoffensive...

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WINTER OF OUR DISCOTHEQUE – RADA Studios, London – 9th-14th June


Our dear playwright chum, Tess Humphrey, has very proudly unveiled to us the latest run of her critically acclaimed play, Winter Of Our Discotheque.

When Laurence Waugh arrives at disreputable public school, The Hastings, after being expelled from Eton, he is ready to make a fresh start. Greeted by his drug-addled roommate and bizarre head girl, the three begin their final year of school. Think you know this story? Think again.

Described as an ultra-black five-star comedy, in its previous iterations, Discotheque ha...

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