Whitby Goth Weekend – Hallowe’en 2015 (Part One – Friday 30th October)


By Jordan Mooney.
Photos by Zhaos Photography
With thanks to Rowan Jackson for proofreading.
Extra thanks to Jo, Louise, Paul, Shelley and Chris.
CAT ON THE WALL CREW: Jordan, Matthew, Kane, Eddie, Ross

Disclaimer – for the purposes of transparency: For October 2015 I’ve been made the PR Scribe for Whitby Goth Weekend; a paid position promoting the line up to independent and online press. This shall have no bearing on my review regardless – I have been instructed to maintain a truthfulness throughout, independent of my promotional work, and I am comfortable that this target has been met…

Whitby Goth Weekend was imminent...

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Evil Dead: The Musical; 28/10/2015, Mayo Performing Arts Center


While Cat on the Wall is feverishly penning our ever-important review of Whitby Goth Weekend, our dear chum across the pond, Michal Bajer, steps in to provide a glimpse to perhaps the bloodiest stage show in the world: Evil Dead: The Musical.

Necronomicon ex Mortiis, roughly translated, “Book of the Dead.” The book served as a passageway to the evil worlds beyond. It was written long ago, when the seas ran red with blood. It was this blood that was used to ink the book. In the year thirteen hundred A.D., the book disappeared.

These are the words that ceremoniously and ominously begin a spiraling journey into the most bloodiest, goriest, cantankerously cadaverously cult musical of all time: Evil Dead. Based on the legendary horror films directed by Sam Raimi and starring Uncle Sam’s fav...

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The Red Paintings – IT IS AS IT WAS Tour Coming to the UK!


By Jordan Mooney.

The Red Paintings. Their name should, by rights, be synonymous with ‘how to do it right’. We’ve only seen them once, at April’s Whitby Goth Weekend 21st Spectacular, and it’s fair to say they’ve left a lasting impression.

There’s simply nothing on Earth like this feudal sci-fi thriller on stage; for their combination of sheer musical skill, charisma and alternative eccentricity, they’re without parallel. And the best bit is that their crafts have been spotted surveying the United Kingdom.

Promising vinyl toys, electric violins, and a fetching series of backpacks, we truly, truly believe that The Red Paintings cannot be missed; and you’d be a fool to let them slip through your fingers.

There’s a good stock of dates at some fine venues; take your pick below!


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Movie Review: Doctor Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine (1965)


By Jordan Mooney.

If Cat on the Wall was not so duly flooded by music promoters, gig advertisements and bands, we would likely have become a Vincent Price fanzine by now.

Vincent Price represents an entire era of horror picture, the elegant, gothic but-oh-so fiendish rogue of the genre’s most elegant forms of exploitation and heavy marketing. While none of the films that made his career so iconic are, perhaps, masterpieces, they are all wonderful tributes to that most beautiful element of style; campy, overacting pieces that form near-Shakespearian sagas of bedevilled men and their hapless pursuers.

In perhaps a different category to the Poe-penned masterpieces of his golden age, Vincent also starred as the oh-so-devious Doctor Goldfoot in 1965 – and managed to smash yet another bizarre r...

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Fancy Dancing Vaudevillains – meet Fable Cry!

Fable Cry slid

By Jordan Mooney.

Strap yourself in, ladies and gents. Goths, take the weight off of your four foot heels. Steampunkers, sail your airships in this North-Westerly direction. Vaudevillians, set yourself in the crouching positions. This one’s a cracker..

You’re walking through a town. It’s a strange place; it could be anywhere, any time period. It’s silent, and desolate, but has that simple, rustic lifestyle that only hundreds of years of seclusion could only provide.

There seems to be only one building that is in any way occupied. You enter, and a ticket vendor is seated in his chair. At least, the remains of one. His skeletal hand clutches two scruffy, crumpled pieces of paper. ‘Admit one’. You wrench them free, and quietly creep to the source of a strange, high pitched laughter...

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COTW Spotlight: Puss Johnson Apparel


The COTW Spotlight is a series of unpaid spots for small businesses and artists that we feel should get recognition. Clothing, jewellery, et al; The one rule is it’s something we’ve bought and used ourselves…

Everybody knows we love Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons. How could we not? Great fun, great catchy riffs, funny songs, a tinge of dark humour and a great visual identity that is instantly recognisable after one’s first time seeing them. They make up a lot of what we love about music. And they’re all about felines, which is most convenient for us to make a thematic link during downtime.PJAimg

Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons are of course fronted by a tangibly talented frontlady whom just so happens to have a cracking set of lungs and great big cat ears. And copious amounts of leopard print...

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Whitby Goth Weekend announce WHITBY GOTH DAY, 04/09/2015



As a continuing celebration of their 21st Anniversary, Whitby Goth Weekend will be holding the first ever national Whitby Goth Day, offering a whopping 21% discount on all tickets purchased on the 4th of September 2015 for the event and numerous special offers from its esteemed Bizarre Bazaar traders..!

Whitby Goth Day is to be a jovial celebration with special offers and discounts that might suit our sort of people a little better than Amazon Prime… And might well result in some lovely Gothique goodies for a tidy reduction – what more could you hope for?!

Go to the WGW facebook page on September the 4th for discount codes & exclusive offers!


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DC Melodious Rockers The Very Small – The Worst Form of Violence – New Single Releasing September 15th


By Jordan Mooney.

We don’t often cover American bands. Surprising, really – considering how many we actually get emailing us every day. Perhaps we’re better critics than reviewers?!

However, there is a lot of talent in the United States, and while, like the UK, they seem to be a bit all over the place at the moment – all sorts of bizarre mismashes flooding our inbox that sound more like a mess of 90s nostalgia than a properly coordinated song with an actual…well, point; there are always the odd number of great tracks popping their heads up quite unannounced.

Cue the entrance of The Very Small, whom are releasing a new single from their latest album – Zoomed Way Out – on September the 15th.

The Worst Form of Violence is a track that manages to build into a cacophonous crescendo while neve...

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And We Should Die of That Roar announce new 4 track EP – “Sense Woven Spells”; out on September the 4th.


One of the best acts we’ve had on the Webzine, in our mind, is without a doubt Hardy Hum and his incredible smoky rock and blues project And We Should Die of That roar. Thankfully, he’s proving to be quite prolific with his releases! Sense Woven Spells, releasing on September the 4th, promises to be a further exploration of Hardy’s unique outlook on life and the world over; Something you simply should not – and cannot – miss.

And We Should Die of That Roar should be a mandatory listen for anybody wishing for some cold, dark rock and roll warmed only by the glowing red tip of a cigar and a bottle of cheap whisky. It’s a project that’s simply inimitable in atmosphere and scale; and it’s definitely worth your time.


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THE RED PAINTINGS release new music video “It Is As It Was”.


By Jordan Mooney.

After a successful – and very well received – première on Kerrang!, The time has come for us to inspect and appraise the latest video from Trash McSweeney and his marauding bunch of elegant extraterrestrial riffs…

This latest audiovisual offering is a particularly dark and dramatic piece of patchwork art forming a perfect trailer for the group’s theatrical abilities on stage; Loud, overbearing, disorientating and unyielding, it forms a warning to the extra-terrestrial life TRP feature so heavily in their unique form of media – a silken study of a world that’s gone wrong.

The group bite, tear apart and highlight the tragedy of a society that refuses to welcome – and cements the Painting’s place as a sanctuary for those as eccentr...

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