On this incredibly busy time of year for you, I humbly beseech you enjoy this uplifting, monumental 2014 holiday offering. If you find yourself so moved to review and post the track link to your wonderful blog, so be it my friend.

You are a charmer, Mr. X.

Just for you lovely folk this Christmas 2014, Aleister X has released a free track. For those who are sick to the teeth of Let It Go or All I Want For Christmas… Needless to say, it is a masterpiece of bewildering festive confusion and debauchery.

Think of that shopping centre Santa you once saw smoking a joint around the back of Poundland.

Now think of the one you saw being sick during that one horrible Christmas night out in Doncaster.

Now imagine happy slapping them a few times.

Now listen to this song.


Merry Christmas!


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