Aleister X – Peeing in Asbury Park EP – mini-review

By Jordan Mooney.

That imitable stallion of a man – that demigod of gentries – that veritable overlord of sound, Mr. Aleister X…has returned to Cat on the Wall with his latest EP, ‘Peeing in Asbury Park‘.


As ever it provides a soft bit of social commentary through the back alleys of Britain – droning, humming and strolling along in great big boots with no real destination, nor the want of one. It’s a typically scornful, cynical look at things we all know well. But it goes without trying to gain a higher authority or superiority complex.

Mr. X’s skills are particularly eclectic, and, while his unique sounds and chants may not charm any record execs or convince the wide world of his genius, he’s a master of forming music that isn’t trying to appeal – rather, it’s capturing a viciously overbearing anarchic party of foolhardy excess that results in the venue catching fire.

There’s a sense of expansion from the man’s usual output, but it’s a subtle little thing. It’s all a little bigger and ‘chunkier’ in sound, increasingly veering out of any sort of genre and into a terrifying, hypnotic landscape. But, if you’re a man who enjoys his sounds with an X rating, you’ll be enjoying it all a bit too much to care. By the time you notice it, you’ll already be in a stupor from the excessive pritt-stick inhaling, laying in your own bodily fluids. With the man himself using your skull as a podium.

Such is the way of the man’s followers. I like to dub them The X-Men but apparently that’s copyright or something.

Whether it be the ever-relevant topics of Click Bait – that you can already envision the all-caps Facebook links for – “Party on Mars next week!” “Bill Cosby raped Doctor Luke!” et al, or the gentle ribbing of American culture in (Doo Doo Doo) in the USA, the only thing completely guaranteed in this release is a continuous stream of the mental and belligerent. Surreality rules the game – and the game’s all the better for it.

The entire record is like a wriggly little worm going into your head to set off a few knackered tape decks and headbang. It’s a bit bizarre and won’t be approved of by the powers that be. If you speak about it on the street the public are likely to reel back in disgust. But you can’t get rid of it.

In that sense, I suppose…it’s very much a twist on those true sensibilities of punk. And for that, demands your respect.

A magnum opus that will be forever played in music halls until the end of time itself? Maybe not. But it’s definitely a truthful piece that reflects on our proud, lumpy race with a jaunty bit of humour, over-indulgence and something only this man can provide.

It comes hugely recommended. Even if you don’t like it…I reckon you’ll listen all the way through.

Get yer white facepaint and docs on, ladies and gents. It’s another winner.


PEEING IN ASBURY PARK is now available for streaming and free download at Soundcloud! For your convenience, it’s embedded below…

Beware of Click Bait – Facebook…

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