Alexa De Strange release new Single – I AM MONSTER – July 1st

By Jordan Mooney.

Alexa De Strange, our besparkled darlings, have got a lovely new package for us, due for wide release on July the 1st.

I Am Monster‘ is a delightfully thick, dark and luscious beast of a track – veering into that Bride of Frankenstein territory which places you between wishing to sleep with the thing or run away screaming.

Combining an incredibly catchy hook and the ever-powerful, emotive vocals that characterise the group’s biggest strengths, the track really provides a tragic, but oh so seductive tale of a creature formed by years of ill speaking and insult – the reflection of the world’s less than pleasant reactions to what could well have been a thing of innocence and beauty.

Semi autobiographical? Almost certainly. Alexa De Strange’s career has always been dogged by wankers and tossers who think their opinions are the do all and end all of the group. But at the same time, it does become all too tempting to envision a very different thematic to the track – which feels like it has been practically fabricated with your hapless reporter’s tastes in mind.

Eerie, dark, electrifying; it brings out the horror aficionado deep within the bosom of the Strange Army – but does not for a moment try to hide its shamelessly self-referential lyrics or the delicious irony of their genre splicing.

This is the perfect farewell soundtrack from Alexa De Strange to the collective, often snobbish wankery of the United Kingdom, as they pack up for landscapes new. It is not so much a goodbye – perhaps more an elegant way of saying ‘When we come back, we’ll rip you motherfuckers apart until forensics can’t recognise you.

After all this, it must be reminded that in a literal sense, Alexa De Strange is a Frankenstein’s monster, combining horror, rock, punk, metal, pop, even opera and classical – combining several eras and phases of music into one gigantic leviathan of pink glitter. It’s up to the listener as to whether they wish to bed it or run from it.

…But we’ll be nestled in those Egyptian silk covers first. And will probably come out covered in bright pink feathers and sequins…


I AM MONSTER will be releasing on iTunes on July the 1st. Until then, you may well wish to join their VIP Facebook group, where you can even get information on advance orders, the band’s goings on and photos of Georgie swanning about. What more could you ask for?



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