An Interview with We Are Us

By Jordan Mooney

Bands that attend Cat on the Wall’s email inbox are a special breed.

We get some bizarre, often overtly self-congratulating email ‘pitches’ from all over the world, and, often, what labels and promoters have to say about themselves make for the highest form of entertainment. (‘Flawless’, you say?! I beg to differ, Sir…) – So imagine our surprise when today’s duo suddenly appear out of nowhere in an email containing nothing but their name, a photograph, some links to their music and a single sentence..”All the vibe we need is you.

It sounds almost seductive, doesn’t it? And, it must be said, that’s the sort of vibe one does get from today’s duo, We Are Us. Their music draws you in far too easily. Maddy – or Maddalena Zavatta, to give her full name (Italian names are cool.), whom is responsible for vocals with the twosome, has an absolutely angelic voice, and on the instrumental side, herself and Silvio Pasqualini have mastered the idea of good, old fashioned indie-punk without any of the excess baggage.

It’s nothing massively challenging, certainly, but that’s not really the intention I get from their music.We Are US

From the perky foot tap-inducing riff of ‘You‘, to the ghostly, haunting vocals of ‘Call Me’, it simply works with anything.

It’s music for a Friday night with a full pizza to yourself. It’s music to listen to when you’re getting ready for work. It’s music for when you’re walking down the street. It’s music to listen to when committing atrocities. It’s music to listen to when you’re committing murd- you get the idea.

It’s that type of music that just fits into occasion.

The music of We Are Us is simplistic, catchy, and inoffensive. It’s accessible, it sounds very lovely and you should all give it a listen.


Maddy and Silvio are also very lovely people, and Maddy herself was all too happy to spend some time at the ever-metaphorical Cat on the Wall towers. After the endless line of slightly psychotic punk bands over the past month or so, it was nice having somebody who didn’t try to set fire to the room.


Cat On The Wall: Hello there, Maddy – welcome to Cat on the Wall! How are you today?

We Are Us: Hi! Thanks for having us. We’re feeling great!


COTW: Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

WAU: We are “We Are Us” – an Indie-punk band! We are Silvio (guitar, bass, synth , piano) and Maddy (vocals and guitar) – we come from Rimini, in Italy. Nice to meet you all!


COTW: Have yourself and Silvio been involved in musical projects before?

WAU: Yes – Silvio was the lead singer of a fairly popular rock band called Lemeleagre, while I was involved in a solo acoustic project called Mad – which is actually ongoing!


COTW: How did We Are Us come about?

WAU: Silvio and I shared a stage at a big event in San Marino Republic, which hosted some talented musicians from different Italian cities. We met again, a few years later, and we decided to start a new music project together, sharing our huge passion for indie-rock, electronic, and female voices.



COTW: Your first three tracks all seem to be very personal – and sound very emotional and passionate. Are they about anything in particular?

WAU: Well, all our songs are “personal”, since they come from our emotions, and, in a way, from our life experiences. For example, Call Me talks about a woman who can’t move on from the past, and, as a result, denies herself the chance to experience new feelings and emotions. There’s this entity, let’s say future itself, that gives her a name, and calls her by this name, but it’s a call she can’t to answer, she’s tired, and she just looks away.


COTW: Go on, it might be obvious, but tell us – where did the name, ‘We Are Us’, come from?

WAU: We found working together is a very “simple” task to accomplish, our ideas just come together easily, and, sometimes, it’s like we’re telepathic or something! When I start babbling things like “uhm… this chord doesn’t feel right… we should try something different…” Silvio finds the trick right away, and I’m always happy with his ideas. This feeling of spontaneity and simplicity of just being what we are is responsible for our music; so, you get the name “We Are Us”: our music is our very nature, we are just us!

We Are US 1


COTW: What bands and groups have helped shape your music? Anything we might find rather unusual?

WAU: We listen to many different kinds of music, electronic, new wave, indie-rock, contemporary female writers, showgaze, funk, but, if we had to list some of our influences, they’d include Best coast, Wavves, Grmln, Popstrangers, Dum Dum Girls, Mikal Cronin, La Luz, and Shonen Knife


COTW: Where would you like to see yourselves in…say… ten years time?

WAU: Ten years is quite a long run! We’d love to think that we’ll be playing our music to our fans and that we’ll be happy. What more could we possibly wish for?


COTW: What do you have planned? Music videos? A full length album? Tours? Or do you simply intend to continue as you are?

WAU: We are about to get back in the studio to record a full length album, which will include our three – track debut that you’ve already mentioned, And this is you. We are also recording a cover of Washer by Slint for a project called This is NOT a love song, which we’re very happy about! After all this, we are hoping to start a tour in Italy.


COTW: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! We wish you all the best, and here’s hoping we’ll be hearing from you again soon!

WAU: Thank you very much guys!



We Are Us and their debut three-track release, And This is You are available for listening on both soundcloud and bandcamp.

You’ll enjoy it, trust me. I don’t always lead you astray, do I…?

If you do enjoy them, don’t hesitate to like their Facebook page – and keep an eye out for releases in the future!

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