And We Should Die of That Roar announce new 4 track EP – “Sense Woven Spells”; out on September the 4th.

One of the best acts we’ve had on the Webzine, in our mind, is without a doubt Hardy Hum and his incredible smoky rock and blues project And We Should Die of That roar. Thankfully, he’s proving to be quite prolific with his releases! Sense Woven Spells, releasing on September the 4th, promises to be a further exploration of Hardy’s unique outlook on life and the world over; Something you simply should not – and cannot – miss.

And We Should Die of That Roar should be a mandatory listen for anybody wishing for some cold, dark rock and roll warmed only by the glowing red tip of a cigar and a bottle of cheap whisky. It’s a project that’s simply inimitable in atmosphere and scale; and it’s definitely worth your time.

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