Anomie Belle: Machine EP

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that until recently I was unacquainted with the music of Anomie Belle. I have a sinking feeling that in the deep dark belly of my email account lay a discarded press release informing me of last year’s ‘The Crush’ LP unread and unloved. Shame on me because Anomie Belle is one talented woman.

The ‘Machine EP’ begins with ‘Slither’, a collaboration with Ian Pickering, a man who co-wrote many of my favourite songs by the Sneaker Pimps. Anomie Belle’s voice is effortlessly sexy, silky and slithering, drawing out the words into a breathless conclusion. ‘Slither’ is smoothly produced and is unashamedly trip-hop, a genre that has slipped out of the musical spotlight for quite some time even with the likes of Portishead and Massive Attack still producing albums.

It’s not surprising then that Belle has toured with Bristol ‘superstar’ Tricky. The next track ‘Machine’ featuring a gravelly voiced Mr. Lif could sit comfortably on the latest Tricky record but it would be unfair to suggest that Anomie is in any way regurgitating old sounds, far from it. The lyrics tackle issues concerning wealth, oppression, poverty – subject matters that many artists tend to avoid either through fear or ignorance or because it could damage their selling power. Thankfully Anomie Belle manages to avoid any preaching/condescending tones which is usually an instant put off for me when listening to songs with such focus.

The EP finishes with a selection of remixes with 2 tracks taken from ‘The Crush’ LP and a great danced up version of ‘Machine’ by Big Spider’s Back. If this is a taste of things to come from Anomie Belle then the future looks incredibly bright.

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