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    Confessions Of A Newbie Promoter

    By Ben Gallivan Preface I was born in 1978. May 28th to be exact. Nothing else of any importance happened on that day it turns out – not that my birth was anything to get excited about other than for my immediate family. The second round of the presidential elections in Upper Volta were won […]

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    The Forgotten Doctor

    Cat On The Wall is celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who! We’ve asked fans of the series to contribute articles and stories about the extraordinary television show that has captivated audiences for generations. We’ll be posting these fan contributions regularly until the 50th Anniversary TV special in November. If you have an idea for an […]

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    Interview with MC Amalgam

    Interview by Chris Fishlock One year since his release of the infamous ‘Red Is Not Dead’ EP I caught up MC Amalgam to talk about what it’s like to be a french rapper based in England, politics and collaborating with folk punk bands… Cat On The Wall: You recorded and released ‘Red Is Not Dead’ […]

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    Interview with Doctor and the Medics

    Interview by Jordan Mooney. After my review of the Whitby Goth Weekend for Cat on the Wall, a snowball effect shortly took place as the musicians responsible discovered what we had to say – COTW Stalwarts Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons started it off, followed by veterans of alternative rock, Doctor and the Medics. After […]

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    Laurence Made Me Cry: Depression & Me

    The ‘Time To Change’ campaign has been running since 2011 and its purpose is to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination by getting people talking. I’ve wanted to talk about my experiences for some time now so thought this would be a good opportunity to get things out in the open. This article is a […]

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    Whitby Goth Weekend – April 2013 – Review

    Review by Jordan Mooney. When I originally planned the idea of travelling to Whitby for the Friday, 26th of April 2013, I was rather nervous. I am not in what I, myself, could call a Goth, despite my love of the Victorian era and clothing affiliated. I love darker humour, certainly, and of all of […]

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    Interview with The Lake Poets

    We’ve been following the amazing progress of Sunderland based The Lake Poets with great enthusiasim since the release of the first single ‘Cit by the Sea’ last year. Cat On The Wall’s Jo Whity caught up with Martin Longstaff, the man behind The Lake Poets, for a chat about the new single ‘April’ as well […]

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    Interview with Northcape

    Interview by Jo Whitby. As with most of the artists we feature on Cat On The Wall they have usually been recommended to us or we’ve struck up a friendship via social media relating to one of my various creative projects. Northcape is one of those artists who we came in contact with via my […]

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    Label Profile: weareallghosts

    Weareallghosets is a net label based in Scotland that specialises in ambient electronic soundscapes. We caught up with Thomas Mathie, the man behind weareallghosts, to find out more about the label and its roster of artists… Cat On The Wall: When and why did you decide to set up weareallghosts? Thomas Mathie: weareallghosts was born […]