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    Trioxin Cherry – “Let’s Take Off And Nuke The Site From Space” album launch, Nottingham’s Old Angel Inn, 18/04/2014

    How’s that for a long title?! By Jordan Mooney. Photographs by Matthew Sambrook. Mythically, all bands have, in the past, had a ‘big gig’. A performance that suddenly spells great things, a big event, a big audience, or a sudden potential unlocked. In the past, the most legendary was the ‘signing gig’, one of the […]

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    Vote for Cat on the Wall in the Wales Blog Awards!

    Cat on the Wall is overjoyed to announce that this year we are, once again, in the running for the 2014 Wales Blog Awards, an event held by Wales Online and Warwick Emanuel PR to celebrate Welsh digital media and the ongoing importance of blogging in practically every hobby,  enthusiast circle and professional enterprise.  http://www.walesblogawards.co.uk/peoples-choice-award […]

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    A Baked Double Feature

    By Jordan Mooney Psychedelic Rock is, I feel, often underappreciated. Particularly when it’s done right. By the very nature of the genre, it has to get into the head – and perhaps more importantly, the mind. The human brain is notoriously easy to stick a tune into, but to unfold with music? That takes skill, […]

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    Quiet Marauder release a new music video – ‘Wake Up Bono’

    By Jordan Mooney My friends are all music fans, ladies and gentlemen, and, like most music fans, they all love the strange little world of the music video – and this, knowing this rather bizarre occupation of mine, brings about a fairly common conversation. “What makes a good music video to you?” “Well“, I respond […]

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    Le Strade – In Fuga Verso Il Confine

    By Jordan Mooney. Before I start this review…I don’t speak Italian. Not a bit of it. I can’t even speak French. I’m simply not a multi-lingual sort, ladies and gentlemen, but I like to think I know my music. It’s a requirement from the job, to what I understand (!) – and I’m not one […]

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    Conflict and Corpse Paint – A Carach Angren Double Feature

    So ends this tale of fates aligned. A prophecy of war entwined into bloody knots that won’t unwind. This ominous recording is all that’s left behind. By Michal Bajer. When examining the essence of horror, distilled from the purest poisons and fears of man, one is left with a damning portrait. Our fear of death, […]

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    A Dark Country Double Feature

    By Jordan Mooney. Cat on the Wall loves a bit of rock. And metal. And punk. Basically, we like noisy music. Punk is probably the most common genre to pop up here these days, and all of these genres, their subgenres, their followings and their respective heritages have brought about some incredible music. The strangest […]

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    Video Premiere – Little Eris – ‘WRECK N ROLLIN’

    Little Eris, a true multimedia artist in every sense of the word, releases her latest single, Wreck N Rollin on the 1st of May – Until then, we’ve got the great prestige of launching the incredibly creative – and rather funny – miniature B-Movie music video, set against the lush, green lands of Wales! Directed […]

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    An Interview With Juliette Commagere

    Juliette Commagere is a fairly new but increasingly familiar name on the British music scene as of late. Despite being based in the United States, from the off, she’s gained a fine following and a pleasant reaction from media and listeners alike. Coming from the decidedly more rock and roll roots of Hello Stranger, Juliette, […]