Cat On The Wall is a World-spanning Alternative Music and Culture Webzine based in West Yorkshire in the green and rolling isles of Great Britain. In reality, it’s in a council house in a village just outside Wakefield.

Originally founded by Celine Lux and Jo Whitby in 2007 – from the ashes of Bristol based music webzine, Funky Mofo – Cat on the Wall was founded with the intending of avoiding the mainstream PR-pressured world and into a more traditional small zine format, dealing with independent artists, designers, musicians and film makers alike. The result is probably one of the most diverse back catalogues of creators on the web!

After a series of moves, hosting problems and running out of teabags, Cat on the Wall was passed on to Jordan Mooney – far away in the armpit of the North – in 2013. As luck would have it, in the same year Cat on the Wall became official press partners for the world famous Whitby Goth Weekend, starting a relationship that would see the zine become synonymous with the darker sides of alternative music; Punk, Goth and Rock and Roll has since swept over our pages in great measure; along with practically everything else.

In 2014, as a result of this, Cat on the Wall won the Wales Blog Award for Best Music and Entertainment Blog.

We are fans first and foremost. We only feature what we like. Simple as that!


The Cat On The Wall family:

Head Honcho & Chief Contributor: Jordan Mooney, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Founders: Celine Lux & Jo Whitby, both based in Glasgow (formerly Cardiff).

Contributors & Proof Readers: Michal Bajer, Lydia Byron, Rowan Jackson.

Former Contributors: Jasmine Brady, Emma Levinkind, Ciaran Jones, Conor Killick, Ian Lewis, Emma Fitzgibbon, Phoebe Amoroso, Elisha Lewis, Ranvir Singh Bassi, Chris Fishlock, Mark Potter, Ben Gallivan, Dia Sparrow,

The zine remains very much a passionate hobby and runs by its own terms – this means updates come when we have something to write about.

Oh and if you’re curious, yes, we do take our name from this song: