Unfortunately many tourists never venture out of Museum Island, and because of that they could never experience the true Berlin. Berlin is more than the TV Tower, Museums and the Reichstag.


Berlin is a pool of talent brimming with cultures, young people, artists and musicians from all over the world. One of the reasons they converge on Berlin is because, unlike London, New York and Tokyo, this metropolis is actually very affordable to live in. If you are somewhat poor, though like partying and want to see the more exciting parts of life, I totally recommend you visit or even relocate to Berlin.

Berlin is often tagged alongside the word, ‘cool’. Sometimes the place is too, ‘cool’, especially when it is -10 degrees Celsius and snowing. But when the suns out and it’s topping 35 degrees Celsius, you can taste the hotness. If you’re dehydrated it’s not a good idea to lick your own sweat for fluids. But Berliners like to linger in the shade. Floods of smelly bodily fluids are rarely a problem as Berlin does have many places to linger and hide. You can head under a tree in the Tiergarten but if you are a more typical Brit, you can seek the sun at the Badeschiff with the hot sand under your feet. It would be unfair to say that all of Berlin is completely chilled, but my experience in Berlin was comparatively very relaxed. Rush hour doesn’t really exist, except if you count the night, when Berliners are travelling party to party.

I was fortunate enough to live in Berlin, during the time that the then Senator (now El Presidente) Barack Obama delivered an address to the citizens of Berlin, Europe and the world. It was July 27th 2008, and it turned out to be a lovely summer’s day. In my typical fashion I was running a bit late. But when I got on the U-bahn, relaxed for ten minutes, woke up, got off and walked towards the Siegessäule, I found a carpet of beings, listening eagerly to one person. I found that amazing: a few hundred thousand people is a sight to behold. That day Berlin’s youth and energy shone through. It was Barack Obama’s largest attendance, up until his inaugural address. All this happened in a city that he will never govern, but among a culture which can recognize a person as a fellow human and a good man.

USA: Land of the free. Berlin: Free to be truly free. Social constraints seem less visible in Berlin. The street art is for me what makes Berlin a visual bomb. For a nation without nukes, you could say Berlin is Germany’s biggest WMD (in a good way of course).

Well there is always many ways to see anything and Berlin left an imprint on me, which is beyond just tangible things. An imprint to personal to discuss, but an imprint filled with positive energy. I truly wish a similar imprint finds its way to you in Berlin or else where.

Article by Ranvir Singh Bassi


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