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Writer: Jo Whitby

With the latest batch of interview questions sent off to various wonderful music makers the waiting game for answers now commences and this can take days, weeks or even years (this has happened). Seen as though updates on Cat On The Wall are few and far between at the moment I thought I should get down to writing something that isn’t just ‘sorry we’ve not updated in ages’.

If you’re a regular Bandcamp user you’ll be aware of the new ‘fan’ pages where you can show off your Bandcamp purchases, follow other fans and write nice things about the music you’ve downloaded. You can find my collection page over here. The music you download for free is not shown sadly and I hope the site will eventually allow us to decide what ends up in our collections. For this blog post I’ve picked out a few of my favourite records in my Bandcamp collection and will say a few words about each.

Royal Edinburgh Music: Self Titled

royaledinburghA recent discovery thanks to Jim, who is Aye Tunes blogger extraordinaire. I was so eager to download this record that I didn’t wait until the band had finished uploading it to Bandcamp (a mistake admittedly but you can’t knock me for keenness). From what I understand the songs have been ready for a good 3 years but Jo, the singer and songwriter behind the outfit, was reluctant to part with her creations until now. There’s something quite theatrical and melodramatic about the songs of ‘Royal Edinburgh Music’ and it’s an album really worth immersing yourself in. From the biography: “I always wanted to sound like American Music Club but as I’m female we really don’t. I guess it’s one of those voice things and if you like my voice you’ll like it”. So there you go.

Get the music here: Name your price.

Brother Saturn: Tales Of Space Exploration 1-8

borthersaturnOne for the ambient/chill sci-fi lovers out there. Brother Saturn is Drew Miller who you may already know also makes music as The Northern Hemisphere (and if you don’t I suggest you check his other project out). Drew is a fellow twitter fanatic and an avid music lover who supports new music as much as making it. ‘Tales Of Space Exploration 1-8’ contains some of the most gorgeous ambient music I’ve heard in a long time. The album guides you through vast audio landscapes with chime-like pulses marking the route. It does feel as though you are travelling through space all tucked up nice and cosy in your rocketship. It really is space music.

Get the music here: Name your price.

She Makes War: Never Was (Cajita Remix)

shemakeswarsingleI’m a big fan of the gloom-pop created by Laura Kidd a.k.a She Makes War and I was very pleased to see her release this remix with Cajita. The remix begins a laid back feel to it but descends into dirty goodness mid-song. Reminds me of Jah Wobble for some reason (if you don’t know who Jah Wobble is then Google will be able to help). The rest of the single release includes a live version of ‘In This Boat’ (one of my favourite tracks from the album ‘Little Battles’) featuring members of The Hysterical Injury, Gabby Young & Other Animals, Dana Jade and Djevara proving how much of a force She Makes War is as a performer and her many talented collaborators.

Get the music here: You get three tracks for a whopping £1. Can’t go wrong. You should also check out the rest of her catalogue.

The Cadbury Sisters: Barefoot EP

thecadburysistersI came across The Cadbury Sisters by chance after unknowingly meeting a member of the band at a gig I played in Bristol recently. Realising who it was after a like to my facebook page I subsequently investigated their music. Comparisons can be drawn quite easily to The Staves and whilst I don’t feel this is necessarily a bad thing the seeming current love affair with three girl acts doing pretty acoustic songs with harmonies might turn sour in the not-so-distant future. However, I do like the simplicity of the songs on the ‘Barefoot EP’ and the lack of ‘gloss’ is refreshing making the record very appealing. I look forward to hearing the girls with a full band which is something I hope is on the cards.

Get the music here: You can download the EP for £2.

tom: Electronic Heartbeat

tomalbumcoverAnother find via the wonder that is Twitter. I was so taken by tom’s music that I invited him to remix one of my own tracks (which you can listen to here if you feel so inclined). Tom describes himself as a “Scottish boy who writes music that nobody listens to” which is a damn shame because he creates music that is sexy, clever and catchy as hell! A self-confessed lover of The Knife you can really hear their influence throughout tom’s electronic fused tracks. I think the whole album is very, very special and should be downloaded immediately without haste.

Get the music here: The best £5 you will ever spend.

Remember, if you’ve been given the option to ‘name your price’ do try and throw some money in the tip jar.

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