Lucifers Beard release Black & Blue – preview of next album YETI

By Jordan Mooney

Our dear friends at Lucifers Beard have brought another fine recording to our midst with Black and Blue, from their upcoming release Y E T I. As ever, it promises their finest genre crunching, tossing up a variety of styles, ideas and premises and letting them land point blank in a blender. True to form, it’s impossible to define and defies you to try. Moments of violent chaos punctuated by gentle moments of extroverted meditation – suspicious beauty marred by the rather rough undertones crackling away beneath.

Lucifers Beard are easily one of the most varied and original groups we’ve featured on Cat on the Wall, and we can’t wait to see Y E T I in the flesh – keep up with them on social media for a release date – and, for now, sit back, plug in and take a listen…

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Compulsive hat wearer, eccentric, fan of all things audio-visual, part time Goth, historian, and railway enthusiast, Jordan is the closest you can get to everybody's weird uncle. Except he's less than 60 years old.

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