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    Cat On The Wall 5th Birthday Special Feature!

    2012 is here which means it’s Cat On The Wall’s 5th birthday! To celebrate we’ll be running a few special features throughout the year as well as holding a party event in Cardiff, UK at the end of January (more details about that soon!). We’ve always set out to do what we like, to talk […]

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    Interview with Finest Imaginary

    Finest Imaginary is a one-woman design powerhouse producing some of the coolest laser cut jewellery and accessories that we’ve seen in a while. The lady behind the laser is Kim Lawler, a fine art graduate with big ideas and a passion for business. Cat On The Wall: What inspired you to launch Finest Imaginary? Do […]

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    Mr. Albarn and Dr. Dee

    By Jordan Mooney I have, for many years, felt reasonably relatable to Damon Albarn. I can say this with a fair amount of confidence and no real hesitation on the matter. The man is intelligent, resourceful, and has very quickly changed from his wild Britpop days with Blur – becoming an increasingly profound thinker, speaker […]

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    From The Archives: Meeting Jeff Buckley

      From the Cat On The Wall archives: Today is the 14th anniversary of Jeff Buckley’s passing. First published in 2007, C.B Lux recalls her experience of meeting Jeff in Paris, not once but twice. This isn’t the story of a journalist meeting a musician, it’s a story of a young woman happening to be […]

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    Atari Teenage Riot – Is This Hyperreal?

    If you’re a regular reader of Cat On The Wall you will have noticed several things over the past few months: we haven’t updated for longer than we care to admit and, rather glaringly, we don’t do reviews. So it may come as a surprise that, hey, this is a new update and the article […]

  • Website feature: PYMCA – Cultural Research

    Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive – Cultural Research Website feature by Jo Whitby The Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive has seemingly slipped my radar until now with the launch of their new Cultural Research section. For as long as I can remember I have always felt an element of glee and excitement when coming across […]

  • Meeting Delaine Le Bas

    Article by Ciaran Jones If a picture is worth a thousand words, then art need not take account of text. Or should it? Witch Hunt by Delaine Le Bas debases the cliché by using a multi-sensory approach to convey how persecution is often rooted in the erosion of language as well as the physical displacement […]

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    Roisin Murphy for Linda Farrow @ Aura, London – 21.02.2009

    Article by CB Lux Photography: WireImage.com Being a music journalist, I seldom frequent High Fashion parties, nor have I any desire to what with the whole hoopla of grooming, dressing, acting beautiful and oh-so-precious and generally feeling like an extra from Zoolander. Amanda Palmer recently described attending the circus that is the Golden Globes as […]

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    Chwarel/Quarry – Audio-Visual Installation by Ruth Jones and Andrea Williams

    Viewed @ Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff, 20th Feb 2010 Review by Jo Whitby Ruth Jones and Andrea Williams, with their project Chwarel/Quarry, have managed to create a stunning audio-visual installation based on the disused Porthgain quarry in Pembrokeshire. Entering the installation at the Howard Gardens Gallery in Cardiff I was immediately mesmerized by the rugged […]

  • The Importance of ‘The Fan’

    Article by Jo Whitby Photographs from: http://www.sxc.hu/ As part of my Media Studies degree over the past three months I’ve been studying and analyzing the fans of IAMX. The brief was simple for the essay: do the fans of IAMX fit the theories and concepts surrounding fandom and subculture? Well, they do and at the […]