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    Single Premiere – Three Kings High – Bone Dry

    By Jordan Mooney. With thanks to Julia and Ben from Inspired Artists. When we heard this little cracker of a track was preparing for premiere, we naturally couldn’t resist throwing our Hat (Cat in a Hat on the Wall? It’s an idea) into the ring. This is an utterly unique, attractive and blissfully greasy little […]

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    Single Slots: And We Should Die of That Roar – Winter Song

    Our old friend Hardy Hum of And We Should Die of That Roar has been his ever-busy self, and kicked off our 2017 listening diary with his haunting, beautiful, distant and haggard Winter Song; a track of what feels like very improvised, very introverted reflection. It serves as a potent reminder that while many have […]

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    Rob Martin releases new book – ‘This Country!’

    Our good friend Rob Martin, artist & illustrator – and director of Purpleman the Movie (2016) and Saving Ginger’s Privates (2004) – has released his latest book of comical cartoons This Country!  today via Empire Publications at a special introductory offer of £10. Click the logo below to take a look and make a purchase! […]

  • WINTER OF OUR DISCOTHEQUE – RADA Studios, London – 9th-14th June

    Our dear playwright chum, Tess Humphrey, has very proudly unveiled to us the latest run of her critically acclaimed play, Winter Of Our Discotheque. When Laurence Waugh arrives at disreputable public school, The Hastings, after being expelled from Eton, he is ready to make a fresh start. Greeted by his drug-addled roommate and bizarre head […]

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    Maddalena releases latest video – Candies

    By Jordan Mooney. Our friend, Maddalena (whom you’ll remember from We Are US, who visited us all the way back in 2014) has released another hypnotic single from her album, Electrodream. As usual, her music, voice and favoured cinematography form a practically trancelike tapestry; peaceful, gentle, inoffensive – something to tune out to rather than […]