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    Maddalena releases latest video – Candies

    By Jordan Mooney. Our friend, Maddalena (whom you’ll remember from We Are US, who visited us all the way back in 2014) has released another hypnotic single from her album, Electrodream. As usual, her music, voice and favoured cinematography form a practically trancelike tapestry; peaceful, gentle, inoffensive – something to tune out to rather than […]

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    Lucifers Beard release Black & Blue – preview of next album YETI

    By Jordan Mooney Our dear friends at Lucifers Beard have brought another fine recording to our midst with Black and Blue, from their upcoming release Y E T I. As ever, it promises their finest genre crunching, tossing up a variety of styles, ideas and premises and letting them land point blank in a blender. […]

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    Fable Cry Release New Music Video – Dead Or Alive (For Now)

    By Jordan Mooney. Our favourite group of tuneful American gypsy apparitions have brought us another delightful offering with the music video for Dead Or Alive (for now), the latest single from their rather fabulous album, We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are. Taking on another beautiful home grown approach, this latest addition to their audiovisual […]

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    PRETTY ADDICTED Unveil new Music Video, ‘Mania’!

    We’ve had some great music videos arrive with Cat on the Wall lately in the wake of our surprisingly popular ‘Nine Music Videos‘ feature – and one of them is from legendary London Goth-Dance-Kinksters Pretty Addicted. This is a group with a reputation that proceeds them, and, for the uninitiated, this is a perfect example […]

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    Purpleman launches crowdfunding campaign for 3rd Syrian Toy Mission

    For our interview with Purpleman – and, coincidentally, Jordan’s first ever feature when he took over the ‘zine in 2013, click HERE! Our dear, violet-hued friend from the streets of York – the inimitable Purpleman – launched his indiegogo campaign today for the ‘Syrian Toy Mission’ – a campaign to provide thousands of children disaffected […]

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    The Red Paintings – IT IS AS IT WAS Tour Coming to the UK!

    By Jordan Mooney. The Red Paintings. Their name should, by rights, be synonymous with ‘how to do it right’. We’ve only seen them once, at April’s Whitby Goth Weekend 21st Spectacular, and it’s fair to say they’ve left a lasting impression. There’s simply nothing on Earth like this feudal sci-fi thriller on stage; for their […]

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    Whitby Goth Weekend announce WHITBY GOTH DAY, 04/09/2015

    —– As a continuing celebration of their 21st Anniversary, Whitby Goth Weekend will be holding the first ever national Whitby Goth Day, offering a whopping 21% discount on all tickets purchased on the 4th of September 2015 for the event and numerous special offers from its esteemed Bizarre Bazaar traders..! Whitby Goth Day is to […]