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    Album Review: The People The Poet – The Narrator

    Review by Jordan Mooney. It’s fairly likely that very few of you will have heard of the band subject to my writing today. But you may well know them by their previous name. The People The Poet, originally known as Tiger Please, are one of those bands who humble themselves on the considerable talent they […]

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    London Film and Comic Con July 2013 – Event Review

    Review by Mark Potter. Day 1 The London Film and Comic Convention is the biggest fan event of the year in the UK. Held each summer at London’s Earls Court Exhibition Centre, the weekend long event features the opportunity to meet some of the biggest stars from the world of film, television, sports, comics and […]

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    Man Of Steel: The Review

    Review by Mark Potter. Man of Steel is currently the number one movie in the world. A bold, modern retelling of the Superman story this is an instant classic that will be looked back on for many years as perhaps the definitive take on the first superhero. Please be warned this article contains lots of […]

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    Review & Interview with Doctor Caligari

    Review and interview by Jordan Mooney. Doctor Caligari are a perfect example of the surprisingly popular genre of Psychobilly Rock. They’re freshly dug up onto the scene (barely any rotting at all!), having come into this world in October 2012. Since then they’ve gained a small but devout following thanks to their rather nasty, dirty […]

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    Review: Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons – Exercise your Demons

    Review by Jordan Mooney One has to admit I have discovered the band I am to write about with literally no knowledge of them. I found out about them reading the line up for Whitby Gothic Weekend, the premiere event in the United Kingdom for all in an alternative culture, whether goth, punk, metalhead…you get the […]

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    Film: The Flying Scotsman (1929)

    The Flying Scotsman | Review by Jordan Mooney Early British cinema has a complicated heritage of an industry with less money but just as much talent as that present across the pond. Films were somewhat rarer and those with real significance often rarer still, and while the odd gem may have arrived they were often […]

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    Review Round-up: RM Hubbert, Conformist and more…

    Review Round-up | by Jo Whitby Since accepting review submissions again we’ve been inundated with review requests. At the present time there is only my lowly self in charge of going through all the submissions so if you’ve contacted us for a review it’s likely that your music has joined part of a long ‘to […]

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    David’s Lyre: Picture Of Our Youth

    David’s Lyre: Picture Of Our Youth | Review by Jo Whitby Sometimes the most wondrous things only exist for a short moment, burning wildly then fading to a warm glow before flickering into darkness. ‘Picture Of Our Youth’ is the debut album from David’s Lyre and it’s also the final record Paul Dixon will be […]

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    Evening Chorus: Acorn

    Evening Chorus: Acorn | Review by Jo Whitby Evening Chorus have produced a rather scrumptious offering in the shape of their next EP entitled ‘Acorn’. The five track EP highlights the band’s ability to make beautiful, soulful folk music that pulls at your heart and then, before the heartache becomes too much, lifts you up […]

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    Anomie Belle: Machine EP

    I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that until recently I was unacquainted with the music of Anomie Belle. I have a sinking feeling that in the deep dark belly of my email account lay a discarded press release informing me of last year’s ‘The Crush’ LP unread and unloved. Shame on me because Anomie Belle is […]