• General
    Single Premiere – Three Kings High – Bone Dry

    By Jordan Mooney. With thanks to Julia and Ben from Inspired Artists. When we heard this little cracker of a track was preparing for premiere, we naturally couldn’t resist throwing our Hat (Cat in a Hat on the Wall? It’s an idea) into the ring. This is an utterly unique, attractive and blissfully greasy little […]

  • Misc
    Single Slots: Kadija Kamara – Eyes On You

    When almost every music video we’ve seen in our inbox for the past month has lacked colour, power or vibrancy, it’s no wonder that a funky video like this one from London’s Kadija Kamara takes our attention. This is a video that’s immediately enjoyable; from the moment the chugging guitar kicks in, head-nodding ensues – […]

  • Misc
    Cat on the Wall Guide: Ten Places for Food and Drink in Whitby

    With 2017 marking the fourth year since we discovered Whitby Goth Weekend – and the delights of Whitby itself – Cat on the Wall and its team of experts now feel confident in giving tips for visitors to the seaside town. Whitby has many local delicacies – seafood (particularly served with chips) is of course […]

  • Misc
    Single Slots – GORILLAZ return with Saturnz Barz

    Gorillaz are back! 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel are back on our screens with a brand new music video – Saturnz Barz, the funniest, strangest and absolutely the most creative music video of the past…five, ten years? Easily since we got Shaun Ryder’s disembodied head in an animated teenager’s bedroom. Join the gang as they […]

  • Misc
    Single Slots: Tensheds – Milktrain

    We love many things here, on Cat on the Wall. A slice of Gothique fashion, some nice filthy blues and a well produced music video are all very strong  examples, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that Tensheds got our attention with their single, Milktrain.       Not only is he contacting us from our neck […]

  • Misc
    Single Slots: Magic Eight Ball – Keep Me Out The Sunlight

    With Magic Eight Ball confirmed for Whitby Goth Weekend on Saturday the 22nd of April, it’s perhaps little wonder that their latest record – The Richest Man in the Graveyard – was what edged their place for that number five slot in the UK’s premiere Goth Festival line up. Perhaps even more influential was their […]

  • Misc
    Competition: Win a Cat on the Wall T-shirt – WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    We’re very pleased to announce that our lucky winners for the T-shirt competition are: Karla Buxton Andrew Birch Steve Dawson Midjet Jem Thank you so much to everybody for entering and our usual extra-special thanks to Printsome for providing us with such lovely T-shirts. Don’t forget to check them out if you need anything printing […]