• Misc
    Whitby Goth Weekend Photo Competition – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

    The Whitby Goth competition has closed with a grand total of..wait for it… Seven entries. Two of which have been disqualified due to photoshop-based cheating. Sheesh…! Now as we announce our winner please note that this decision is made in tandem with Whitby Goth Weekend and Cat on the Wall – as such it is […]

  • The Fallen Word Shoppe Opens – Art, Props, DVD and Posters now for sale!

    Oliver Harrison, gentlemanly animator, typographic wizard and the only director that Cat on the Wall has ever compared to Kubrick, has opened up a shoppe devoted to props, prints, posters and other such beguiling delights relating to his magnum opus, The Fallen Word. The beauty of these offerings is they do not relate so directly […]

  • Misc
    Quiet Marauder’s new single – SOS – feat. Jemma Roper

    Bloody hell, this lot again?! That’s right, our favourite anti-folk Cardiff-Crazies are back – Quiet Marauder have stormed our office for the god-knowsieth time, smashing windows, leaving bits of Bono everywhere, a chewed up rubiks cube and a little betamax tape all ready and waiting, tied with ribbon – holding their latest music video – […]

  • Misc
    Filler Feature: The Cat on the Wall Gig Routine

    By Jordan Mooney. Routine built in partnership with Matthew Sambrook and Kane Foster. Everybody has a routine when it comes to concerts, regardless of genre or location – certain ‘traditions’ that you establish as your gig count racks up. This can surround travelling to the city in which the gig is due to take place, […]

  • Misc
    Quiet Marauder release a new music video – ‘Wake Up Bono’

    By Jordan Mooney My friends are all music fans, ladies and gentlemen, and, like most music fans, they all love the strange little world of the music video – and this, knowing this rather bizarre occupation of mine, brings about a fairly common conversation. “What makes a good music video to you?” “Well“, I respond […]

  • Misc
    Conflict and Corpse Paint – A Carach Angren Double Feature

    So ends this tale of fates aligned. A prophecy of war entwined into bloody knots that won’t unwind. This ominous recording is all that’s left behind. By Michal Bajer. When examining the essence of horror, distilled from the purest poisons and fears of man, one is left with a damning portrait. Our fear of death, […]