COTW Spotlight: Puss Johnson Apparel

The COTW Spotlight is a series of unpaid spots for small businesses and artists that we feel should get recognition. Clothing, jewellery, et al; The one rule is it’s something we’ve bought and used ourselves…

Everybody knows we love Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons. How could we not? Great fun, great catchy riffs, funny songs, a tinge of dark humour and a great visual identity that is instantly recognisable after one’s first time seeing them. They make up a lot of what we love about music. And they’re all about felines, which is most convenient for us to make a thematic link during downtime.PJAimg

Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons are of course fronted by a tangibly talented frontlady whom just so happens to have a cracking set of lungs and great big cat ears. And copious amounts of leopard print. However, little do many people realise that Puss alone is responsible for a lot of the group’s iconography and designs, and she’s got quite a hand when it comes to permanent markers and pop culture figures.

Puss Johnson Apparel gives a great opportunity to not only buy some fantastic T-shirts, but peruse our favourite frontcat’s designs – and get some pretty damn fantastic band merchandise too.

Showcasing some of the more iconic people of rock and roll, there are fine renderings of such figures as Lemmy, Lux and Ivy, Iggy Pop et al; but other upstanding pillars of the community. Such as Lurch, America’s favourite Butler, and Herman Munster – that legendarily pure and gentile family man whom just so happens to have bolts in his neck.

So, if you not only want to see some great artwork, but want some singers, Spocks and spooks emblazoned on your torso, you won’t be able to do any better. It’s also, in our humble opinion, a good way to see how band T-shirts SHOULD be done. None of those horrid square bordered prints on cotton here, folks. It’s all subtle, it’s all creative and it’s all like nothing on the high street.

Click it. Admire it. And, if you see something you fancy…get your claws into it!


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