David’s Lyre: Picture Of Our Youth

David’s Lyre: Picture Of Our Youth | Review by Jo Whitby
Sometimes the most wondrous things only exist for a short moment, burning wildly then fading to a warm glow before flickering into darkness. ‘Picture Of Our Youth’ is the debut album from David’s Lyre and it’s also the final record Paul Dixon will be releasing from the project. The record was due to receive a major label release but tensions arose in the relationship and by the end of 2011 the deal was off. The record is now set to be released exclusively via Bandcamp on a pay-what-you-want-basis and I hope that music lovers and fans do not overlook the ‘honesty box’.

‘Picture Of Our Youth’ is a simple but passionate record and is refreshingly unpretentious. Each of the 10 tracks is its own world; blossoming folk pop landscapes and lyrically picturesque. Comparisons to Patrick Wolf are not uncommon for David’s Lyre and while the influence is undoubtedly there Dixon has added his own unique character and sensibilities to the music creating a body of work that is original and at times rather magical.

As the album draws to a close I am left feeling somewhat unsatisfied but not in a negative sense. The record is much like a meal in a posh restaurant, beautiful to look at, delicious to eat and yet you leave wishing there was more food and less plate. Of course it’s not just the food you go for, it’s the ‘experience’ and the David’s Lyre ‘experience’ is pretty much 5 star. At least with ‘Pictures Of Our Youth’ you won’t be silently screaming when the bill arrives.

Personal stand out tracks: English Roses, These Trees, This I Know

‘Picture Of Our Youth is released on the 20th February 2012:

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