DC Melodious Rockers The Very Small – The Worst Form of Violence – New Single Releasing September 15th

By Jordan Mooney.

We don’t often cover American bands. Surprising, really – considering how many we actually get emailing us every day. Perhaps we’re better critics than reviewers?!

However, there is a lot of talent in the United States, and while, like the UK, they seem to be a bit all over the place at the moment – all sorts of bizarre mismashes flooding our inbox that sound more like a mess of 90s nostalgia than a properly coordinated song with an actual…well, point; there are always the odd number of great tracks popping their heads up quite unannounced.

Cue the entrance of The Very Small, whom are releasing a new single from their latest album – Zoomed Way Out – on September the 15th.


The Worst Form of Violence is a track that manages to build into a cacophonous crescendo while never seeming intimidating or dangerous. It’s altogether a very peaceful, poetic and intelligent sounding track that starts off gently, phasing us in as more and more is gently layered into the song’s set up – and by the three minute mark is representing much more in the way of hard rock than the melodious outlook that brought us here.

The Very Small are not a particularly large outfit from DC, but definitely carry a sizeable sound. Their riffs are a beauteous thing in particular; they rattle and pull the listener in by the ears with effortless strength, and the vocals that talk us through this little piece of self expression vary between a simple piece of indie pleasantries to a hoarse shout straight from the throat.

Generally when we get something described as ‘indie’ by other music journalists, we get very cynical and tend to just leave the track be – indie groups in our experience tend to lack a lot of aspiration – but The Very Small seem to have everything laid out quite early on and will no doubt grow exponentially from this point onwards. They certainly deserve to.

A great variation on what we usually come to expect, the power in the latter half of the track is the ace in its sleeve. It starts off lovely, and leaves throbbing and red in the face; poverty is the worst form of violence, so Ghandi told us. It’s perhaps ironic is that such an incredibly rich and well-off track is the one to bring that quote a bit of extra light.

Superb stuff – check it out!

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