Fable Cry Release New Music Video – Dead Or Alive (For Now)

By Jordan Mooney.

Our favourite group of tuneful American gypsy apparitions have brought us another delightful offering with the music video for Dead Or Alive (for now), the latest single from their rather fabulous album, We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are.

Taking on another beautiful home grown approach, this latest addition to their audiovisual repertoire opts for huge amounts of makeup, stark black and white contrasts, painted backgrounds and, perhaps most strikingly, an utterly bizarre, dreamlike situation only Zach and his band of equally creatively capricious cronies could provide.

Fable Cry are one of the finest groups to define what you can achieve with a low-fi video. The group, by nature, use combined forces of family and friends to make appallingly high quality media from the ground up, but here the dizzying aesthetic is an enormous asset. It’s a dark, tarnished acrylic fairytale nightmare from which one cannot escape – but with make up like that, who’d want to?!

Our first encounter with those fancy dancing Vaudevillians, complete with interview!

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