Less than ten days ago I had no idea who Erin Lang was. I am now hooked, not just to the music but also to the character that Erin is. When she unexpectedly invited me to see her play in London last Wednesday I jumped at the chance. I have no regrets.

As I am not based in the British capital, I’m seldom familiar with its music venues, only visiting London sporadically whenever finances permit the Cat On The Wall team. The fact that London crowds have a habit of talking over the artists they’ve paid to see is also one blaséd step too far for me. So it was a real surprise to discover The Luminaire, a little jewel in a sea of noise.

The gentle but firm warnings to refrain from talking during the performance that are appearing across walls and pillars leave no doubt that whoever will play at the venue will receive the audience’s full attention.
This comes as a relief as Erin Lang’s voice is to be listened to in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Her power does not reside in the strength of delivery of the lyrics but in the conviction behind her music.

Tonight the Luminaire’s audience is witnessing an honest performance and many punters can be seen wearing a gentle smile on their lips and a dream in their eyes. Erin plays music for the lovers, music for the family, music for the love of life – “Happy to see You”, “You’re Coming Home” and “Dragons” are perfect examples.
Erin’s voice soars and swoops effortlessly, ever crystalline, her band following her every move.

There is joy on the stage and joy in the crowd. Of course I could try and describe her music further, try to recreate the atmosphere of the gig and fall into every cliché (fairytale-like swings, squeaky beats, ethereal voice…) but the truth is Erin Lang’s voice evokes a French Tarte au Citron to me: a little bit tangy yet softly sweet and that melts on your tongue from the first bite.
Her music is her own and the way she plays it is a delight to hear and see.
My advice: I urge you to demand that she plays in a venue near you, she deserves to be experienced live!

Review and pictures by CB Lux.

Later this week we will feature an interview with Erin, find out what makes her tick, what she thinks of travelling between continents and organising charity events… Watch this space!



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