Evening Chorus: Acorn

Evening Chorus: Acorn | Review by Jo Whitby
Evening Chorus have produced a rather scrumptious offering in the shape of their next EP entitled ‘Acorn’. The five track EP highlights the band’s ability to make beautiful, soulful folk music that pulls at your heart and then, before the heartache becomes too much, lifts you up carrying you to a glorious end.

There are times during some of the crescendos, particularly at the end of ‘Blue Stone Heart’ and ‘Ribbons’ when I wish the band would let their hair down a bit more. That’s not to say that they should whoop and holler but the introduction of some added percussion might be the missing ingredient to add that extra spark. Having seen the band live I know how intense and powerful they can sound so this may just be a case of finding the right balance during the recording process.

‘Yn Aros’ and ‘What Is Done Shall Always Be’ are the two stand out tracks for me and show a darker and more experimental side to the band. It was refreshing to hear an instrumental track and I do believe that there is more to Evening Chorus than just clever harmonies. ‘Acorn’ is an EP full of promises and if they continue reaching outside of their normal musical territory it will certainly be an exciting year for the band.

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