Exclusive: SCRIBER Mixtape

An exclusive and rather beautiful mix by Cardiff based musician SCRIBER exclusively for Cat On The Wall. We interviewed the songwriter in 2011 so make sure you give it a read here. You will be able to grab a copy of his lovely new EP ‘Every Particle’ on 12″ vinyl from the 11th March 2013. http://scriber.bandcamp.com/

Here are a few words about each track from SCRIBER himself:

Corridor (Split a Light) – SCRIBER
This is a song from my own EP being released on 12″ via Rocking Chair Records. One of the things we tried to do is make a record to sound just right on vinyl. I think we nailed it with this, I really love it.

Berlin Syndrome – Sparky Deathcap
I know Rob through various reasons, I heard this towards the end of last year and fell in love with it. It’s almost a cross between Adam Green and, my hero, Leonard Cohen.

Help Me – Low Roar
This I found via my friend and musician Ed Tullett by accident. It’s one of those songs I kind of froze at when I heard it. I could listen to his voice for years.

Milk – The Bronze Medal
I supported these guys a really long time ago, this has just been emblazed so deeply in my CD collection. I love the lyrics, the chorus especially.

Panda Eyes – Nanook of The North
Honestly, I can’t rave enough about this band; I seriously can’t. The EP is incredible, but this recently has circled my head a lot. Joe’s voice is like velvet, such stunning imagery. If this band don’t make it, I will give up.

Where To Now Darlin – Cakehole Presely
I have a soft spot for this band. I found them via the On-Par documentary about them, such lovely people.

Midnight Ferry Crossing – Fionn Regan
Things like this make me so inspired, yet so unworthy. King Fionn.

Moon – Winter Villains
I’ve got a crush on all the bands on Barely Regal Records, can’t go wrong with these guys.

Old Year/New year – Ides
Not sure how I found this, but it was just after New Years, so it felt quite fitting; a real Feist feel to it. “How was the rest of your year/I really wish you were here” is simply heartbreaking.

So Long, Lonesome – Explosions in The Sky
Obviously, Explosions forever.

Flinch – Joel Harries
I’m awaiting Joel’s new album intently, check out “Hopeless Lost” when it’s out. A stunning man.

Everybody’s Amazing (Nobody’s Happy) – Olympians
That moment in the film where everybody makes up and everyone realises that everything’s going to be ok. This is like an anthem to that. Viva Olympians.

Exclusive Mixtape: SCRIBER by Catonthewall on Mixcloud

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