Email interview with the Brighton-based music maker signed to Tru Thoughts Records. Beware, you might fancy a curry by the end of it!

Funky Mofo: Let’s get the basics out of the way: What’s your age, Where are you from, What’s your favourite colour?

Flevans: I’m 27, I live in Brighton but was born in Ipswich. My favourite colour is blue.

FM: We couldn’t find much about you on the internet. Are you shy (don’t be shy)?

F:Heh heh, I’m far from shy…just not well known enough for people to be writing about me on the internet….

FM: We like ‘Make New Friends’ very much. When you have friends over for dinner, what music do you play?

F:Well, that’s a tricky one. Probably some Curtis Mayfield or Al Green I guess.

FM: Seriously now, what made you decide to joint your EPs on this one release?

F:Seriously now, I didn’t decide to do it. Tru Thoughts decided that, as my first couple of 12″s had sold well, it would be good to make the tracks available on CD. It’s also a good thing to keep people interested until my album proper is ready….

FM: You’re working on your new album. What can we expect from it?

F:A full, live and funky sound. Been working with some great people – Sweet Laredo, who have provided some wonderful vocals, JFB, who’s an amazing turntablist, Dr Syntax, Backini…so there’s a real live sound, and every track is different…. If people like what I do now, I think they’ll be surprised at the jump the next Flevans material will make…

FM: How do you come to collaborate with so many people?

F: Simple – they’re friends. I don’t really hang out much with DJ types, so for a long time I didn’t meet other producers and musicians…. A year or so ago I became mates, by chance, with Backini (who is an amazing producer and songwriter) and through him I met musicians and producers with similar ideas….. When I work with talented people, it makes my job a lot easier…

FM: What’s on your playlist at the moment?

F: I get asked this a lot… It’s odd, because I go through phases of buying lots, and then no music at all… at the moment, I haven’t been checking much new stuff….. Have re-discovered Curtis Mayfield’s ‘There’s No Place Like America Today’, which is just superb…. The new Cookshop (local label) compilation (‘Soundbites’) is absolutely fantastic…. Also listening to al ot of unreleased stuff by Mawglee & Backini….

FM: Mr Scruff likes pies. Do you have a fondness towards a particular item or food?

F: I love curry I love curry I love curry I love curry. Seriously, I cannot get enough of it. When my girlfriend went travelling for 3 months last year, I managed to frequently eat curry for 10 or more days on the trot….mmmmmm. Makes me hungry just writing about it….

FM: Thanks for your time and we hope to catch you on the road.

F: Thanks!

Céline Lux & Jo Whitby

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