Gorillaz break 6 year silence with Hallelujah Money – and why fans shouldn’t be worried! #WeAreStillHumanz

Dark times – you need someone to look up to. Me. Here’s a lightning bolt of truth in a black night. Now piss on! New stuff won’t write itself…

Murdoc Niccals, 19th of January 2017


Yes, there are dark times ahead, and as Gorillaz polish up their next album – title currently unknown – they call upon Benjamin Clementine to take the role of a Greed Preacher in the post apocalyptic land of a golden elevator, to provide a small piece of commentary before heading back to the studio for their main release.

It’s been six years since Murdoc, Noodle, 2D and Russel left us almost as quickly as they came. We’ve been given a series of preview videos, some teasing comments from collaborator Damon Albarn about the next album’s sound, a bit of a catch up and some bits of artwork – Now, we get an artistic exhibition calling the people to ‘prayer.’

The result is a dark, haunting track – but exceptionally calming, even somewhat reassuring about the state of affairs. The preacher calls out to his choir; tries to tell the world around him that this chaos makes sense. In the world the track inhibits, what was going to happen has already happened – the walls stand, the people are secularised, and political silencing is in place. All to protect the tree, by building a wall….



Hallelujah money – the green and gold is responsible for this garden of Eden, even if there are those expressing discontent. It’s the track’s intent to remind us we’re not just dollar bills.

It should be clarified for Gorillaz fans that this is not a lead single, or a full scale release. With a band known for their political statements – and artistic methods of spreading said statements – we at Cat on the Wall firmly believe this is simply the cartoon misfits’ guide of taking part in a hot conversation. It’s a simple protest piece; not a full scale single, and most certainly not a main release.

Relax, enjoy it, and if you don’t? Worry not. Bigger things are on the way…


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