Gorillaz Premiere Brand New Single: Humility – and Announce The Now Now, June 29th

It’s been blisteringly fast for the standard we expect from 2D, Russel and Noodle – but the latest Gorillaz record, The Now Now, has officially been announced for a June 29th release, with a brand new single; and, characteristically, a masterful promo video.

With bassist and founder, Murdoc Niccals, in prison follow a framing incident from a Mexican cartel, an unlikely replacement has been found in the form of the infamous Ace Gangreen (Gang Green Gang, Powerpuff Girls), and 2D, Russel and Noodle have found the opportunity to properly exhibit their own skills without layers of gloomy darkness – 2D taking charge with vocals, synth and a funky, retro feel that sums up his own interests and philosophy. He’s taken over, with his spaced out love of summer and blue haired fashion disasters.

With a video starring 2D in short-shorts, rollerblades and a vacant camp grin, a lazy, sunbathing Jack Black and Noodle dominating chess with Remi Kabaka, this unusually light hearted turn is a stark contrast to the likes of 2017’s Saturnz Barz and the surreal pixel feel of Garage palace. It’s frighteningly old fashioned, acoustic and welcoming – and perhaps a new standout of the band’s tumultuous career and less than stellar environments.



It’s eyecatching as to how much of Gorillaz’ world has been contributed to by Humanz – everything has more personality, has more colour, and even a little bit more style. While, as a whole, Humanz has had (perhaps unfairly) a split reaction, it has certainly impacted and defined the band’s recent output with an explosion of colour and urban style. The clothing, the style and the visuals all owe more to the past year than the near twenty years before it.

With a stunning, jazzy guitar line from George Benson, a gentle melodic ramble across the beach feels incredibly welcome after the doomy chaos of Humanz. We’re all for it at Cat on the Wall – but we do wonder what’s set to follow this new turn of events. Will Murdoc return? What on earth is Ace doing here? And how will 2D’s philosophy impact the next stage of the band’s career?

Stay tuned. As ever, we’ll work to keep you updated!

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Preorder The Now Now … um, now! Releasing June 29th via Warner


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