Huxtable Release new single ‘Favourite Thing’ Exclusively on Spotify

Huxtable are back!

That’s right, we’ve made contact with frozen hills of Scotland; and the radio has crackled once again with the inimitable rattle of riff-rock from Jordan Yates and Marc William Brown.

What more could one hope for?

The duo are hard at work on an album, but they felt this beast was simply too dangerous to contain – one can see why. Favourite Thing has all the hallmarks we’ve come to expect from Kilmarnock’s finest; but the sense of swagger and strength we’ve already heard from them in the past is pushed to the limits with a head-nodding, foot tapping, thrusting bit of rock and roll, worthy of a group of six playing Wembley.

What continuously catches our ears with Huxtable is their ability to evoke without needing to imitate. They bring back an era of music without the prissy, over-preened and over-produced nonsense that has swamped for decades. This is classic rock at its classiest…!

Seriously impressive guitar work, seriously tough, seriously proud and still maintaining that Huxtable luxury we love so much. It isn’t down or dirty, or haughtily looking down on the masses – it’s a refreshing bit of rock that doesn’t try to foul or over-saturate itself.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is their speciality.

Favourite Thing is being released exclusively on Spotify on Friday the 13th. At the time of publishing, that’s tomorrow!


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