Interview with Anatomy of the bear

Not that long ago we received an email from relatively unknown band, at least to us. We checked out their myspace page and decided we wanted to find out more about Anatomy of the bear. As Bear was poorly Ryan kindly took the time to answer our questions…

Cat On The Wall: For those of our readers who are just discovering you, can you please introduce yourselves? Also how did you find your name?

Anatomy of the bear: Heyyaaaaaaaa!!!

Anatomy of the bear consists of Bear, myself and Ed. I’m Ryan and you’re pretty much stuck with me today! Bear’s unavailable at the moment, he’s a bit unwell and Ed is looking after him.

The name Anatomy of the bear wasn’t really specifically thought about, we were talking about writing songs to fit a mood. The mood soon became visual, we first wrote ‘Playful Cub’ and its uplifting and happy kind-of-feel made us think of a cub playing around. After that it became an on going theme, each song representing part of a bears life. It’s a bit tricky to explain but if you read the title of each song and listen with that in mind, you will hopefully get the same kind of visual ideas it represents. Then it soon became ‘Anatomy of the bear’. 🙂

COTW: Who in the band is daddy bear? Who gives the best hugs?

AOTB: Bear is daddy bear. He looks after me and Ed and in turn we look after him. Ed and myself do a damn good job of giving out hugs but it’ll never compare to one of Bears, but of course, they are reserved for us. Bear is very shy.

COTW: You say on your myspace that you’re working towards your debut album. Is there anything you could reveal about the songs or do you prefer keeping it hush hush for now?

AOTB:cWe are indeed. Originally we were going to release an EP and then maybe work towards something a bit more full length afterwards, but we figured since bear has been busy and he’s supplied us with enough songs and ideas we might as well just head straight for the debut album! As for revealing anything, there’s nothing ‘really’ to reveal. We plan to do more of the same and are planning to head into a studio soon to record some ‘bigger’ live parts, there will definitely be a few surprises.

COTW: The band being composed of just two members (that we can see), how do you plan your live performances?

AOTB: The band is made up of three members, Ed, myself, and of course Bear We haven’t planned any gigs as of yet, but it’s definitely been discussed for the future. We want to keep the same sound you hear on speakers and headphones, and take that a bit further, and with just two members this obviously isn’t possible, it has been in talks though and Bear has some wonderful friends to call upon to ensure its sounds every bit as good live as it does recorded…

COTW: What are your plans for the near future?

AOTB: Bear’s plans are to get every single person to wake up and give someone a hug in the morning, to go for picnics, drink more tea, and eat more sandwiches. Aside from that, getting the album out ASAP and sorting out a solid live performance that whilst being chilled, will hopefully sound huge and get more and more people listening.

Thanks for having us!! Shall we go for a picnic now?

COTW: Thank you for kindly responding to our questions. We’ll make the sandwiches if you make the trifle.

Interview by Jo Whitby


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