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In recent reviews Club Smith have been compared, and we feel unfairly, to bands such as Hard-Fi and the Klaxons. Comparing bands to other bands is a bit of a cop out when it comes to reviews and mentioning a band the world would rather forget (*cough cough Hard-Fi cough cough*) is not going to help the fact that the band you are reviewing is actually rather good. So for the purposes of this feature Club Smith sound nothing like Hard-Fi and make intelligent anthemic songs of the highest quality that is destined for big venues and big audiences. Cat On The Wall’s Jo Whitby caught up with Sam from the band via email…

Cat On The Wall: First up, for those of our readers who have yet to discover Club Smith, can you introduce yourselves? How did the band get together?

Club Smith: Hello, we’re Sam, Neil, Vijay and Lee. Three of us used to be in another band and then Vijay joined and we decided to form a new band really… and here we are!

COTW: So far you’ve released two EP’s ‘The Process EP’ and ‘The Loss EP’. ‘The Process’ is your latest work, would you say your music has progressed/changed at all between ‘The Loss’ and the current EP?

CS: I’m not really sure, I’ve spent way more time than I probably should have trying to answer that question to myself succinctly and with any kind of coherence and I can’t really… Think it’s a bit darker than the last EP which I guess was recorded without any kind of expectation of what it would sound like. Once you’ve done one recording you’re constantly haunted by this concept of having “a sound”.

COTW: Can you tell us about the making of ‘The Process EP’? Where was it recorded?

CS: It was recorded in Bridlington with a guy called James Kenosha (he’s just done LPs with Pulled Apart By Horses and Dinosaur Pile-Up) and another fella called Jamie Ellis who’s been working for Paul Epworth recently. They were both really skilled and it was huge fun to record.

COTW: Is there an album in the works, can you tell us anything about it?

CS: I suppose there is always an album in the works because we’re always trying to record new songs, but we just haven’t finalised it with any kind of ideas of release dates or track listings really. We’ll just see what happens with what we produce in the next few months I think!

COTW: What is the creative process regarding songwriting in the band? How does a song form?

CS: Well this varies, we’ve been talking about doing things more separately recently to keep things fresh as up till now we’ve been writing songs off the back of one idea in a practice room that kind of develops. Writing songs with this band starts with lots of enthusiasm and then lots of constructive nitpicking, and then an argument that has no chance of boiling over because we’re all too timid. The whole process is a bit too polite really.

COTW: You recently played Berlin and it sounds like you had a great time! Can fans expect a UK/European tour in the future? What do you enjoy most about the live experience?

CS: To put it simply I just enjoy the volume. The sound of your music through a PA is just so exciting, with live music you can feel the attack of the sound a lot more and therefore I think you can pick up more of the emotion and energy in the music. As for touring I think we’ll bop around a bit in the UK and hopefully make it to Germany again for a bigger tour by the end of the year.

COTW: What are you listening to at the moment?

CS: I just ordered the new Mystery Jets album but prior to that I’ve been dipping into old Jay-Z albums (the Blueprint and the Black album… amazing) and listening to local natives and Yeasayer, who both appear to have about 2 really amazing songs and the rest I’m not sure about.

COTW: Finally, what are your plans for the near future?

CS: We’re playing in Leeds on 21st July… then a little break for summer and then back doing gigs in Autumn…. We’ve got loads of demos we’re doing at the moment too so hopefully some more recordings completed in autumn too.

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