Interview with David’s Lyre

Interview by Jo Whitby

Listening to the instrumentation on the new single ‘Hidden Ground’ by David’s Lyre reminds me of Kate Bush’s ‘The Dreaming’ (album) which is probably a bigger compliment than saying the band or rather multi-instrumentalist Paul Dixon sounds like Patrick Wolf meets Bat For Lashes. How Dixon is compared to Florence and The Machine is beyond me. Florence Welch is about as interesting as an empty packet of salt and shake crisps. Dixon creates intelligent folk tinged electronic pop with a depth and feeling that Welsh can only dream of. Put those handbags down.

I caught up with Paul via email for a quick chat about his new single, accompanying video and his plans for the future…

Cat On The Wall: Hello David’s Lyre, how are you? When will you be giving David his lyre back? Seriously though, do you have/ever played a lyre?

David’s Lyre: Hello! I do own a Lyre, but only got it since choosing David’s Lyre as a name. Also my middle name is David, but I only remembered that having chosen the name also!

COTW: ‘Hidden Ground’ is released this month and has been described as an indicator of what is to come on your album. Have you finished the album? Can you tell us anything about it or is it still hush hush?

DL: I have indeed finished the album, and as you guessed it is under wraps. I can tell you that it will be out early next year though.

COTW: What is your creative process when composing? Do you have a preferred place to record?

DL: I think if you want to be successful in this industry you have to learn to write in many environments but my preferred place is in my home studio. When I write the inspiration could come from a number of things – a rhythm, a melody, a feeling et al. I then build it up from there.

COTW: The video for ‘Hidden Ground’ is very mesmerising. How did you come to work with Ben Seary? Do you think the visual representation of your music is important and if so why?

DL: I think Ben’s work is great so it was amazing to be able to work with him on the video. We are absorbing media in ever changing ways, meaning the music industry is becoming a multi platform industry. From a personal point of view I have always enjoyed creating and observing art, so to have the opportunity for myself and others to express my music in that way is great. I don’t think it is always a necessity though.

COTW: You’re currently on tour at the moment within the UK, do you enjoy performing live? What has been your most memorable gig in your career so far?

DL: As a band we love performing live, that’s when it feels like the songs I have worked hard on come alive with their own personalities. The most memorable gig was playing a sold out show at Heaven, London, supporting Chapel Club. That’s the biggest show we have ever done. Very enjoyable.

COTW: What are you listening to and/or reading at the moment?

DL: I’m listening to St Vincent and CANT a lot. I’m reading ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. ‘Everything is Illuminated’ was incredible so I had to read another of his books.

COTW: Finally, what are your plans for the near future?

DL: We are gigging sporadically over the next couple of months. In the meantime I’m thinking about the album artwork, remixing for other artists, and of course, always writing.

Upcoming UK shows:

14th – Coventry- Kasbah
30th October – Gloucester Guildhall w/ Young Knives

5th – London – The Nest

David’s Lyre – Hidden Ground (D/R/U/G/S Remix) by David’s Lyre

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