Interview with Finest Imaginary

Finest Imaginary is a one-woman design powerhouse producing some of the coolest laser cut jewellery and accessories that we’ve seen in a while. The lady behind the laser is Kim Lawler, a fine art graduate with big ideas and a passion for business.

Cat On The Wall: What inspired you to launch Finest Imaginary? Do you have a specific ethos?

Kim Lawler: Finest Imaginary has always been my creative outlet. I came out of university with a (pretty pointless & soul destroying) fine art degree and dreams of building a brand of my own, however, real life got in the way and I had to get a full time job utilising my skills as a web developer. I continued to work on Finest Imaginary in my spare time, and over the past 3 years my little hobby has seen a significant growth. In fact, it’s grown to the point where I’ve been able to leave my 9-5 and concentrate on Finest Imaginary full time!

My personal, and perhaps selfish, ethos behind Finest Imaginary is to create a range of products that I enjoy – I just hope others do too!

COTW: Do you design the Finest Imaginary jewellery and accessories yourself? What is your creative process?

KL: I do, I’m the sole designer, marker, creator, marketer, web developer… and everything else that comes with it! Finest Imaginary is a one-man-band with the occasional help from lovely family members!

Most of my designs start on paper, generally with a small doodle, then I’ll work up the design in adobe illustrator & send it off to be laser cut. Then, if the design requires it, I’ll set about finding components to make the design ‘pop’, such as swarovski crystals or beads. After that it’s just a case of assembling the separate parts!

COTW: What is your favourite item in the store at the moment? What has been the most popular item you’ve sold so far?

KL: My most favourite current items are the Luchador necklaces, it’s a new method of constructing the necklaces and it’s working really well! I’m planning on making a few other necklaces along the same lines.

Our most popular item has got to be the ‘Grr’ and ‘Arg’ necklaces, they were featured in the Empire magazine Christmas gift guide last year, too. Buffy fans love them 😉

COTW: Do you listen to music when you are working? What are listening to right now?

KL: I listen to all sorts of things on spotify, it ranges from my Hair Metal playlist, right over to Essential Dolly Parton & back around to my ‘Baby, I got the blues’ playlist which has people like John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters & Howlin’ Wolf. My musical taste is eclectic to say the least.

However, at the moment I’m working my way through the Harry Potter audio books. After reading the books a bazillion times it makes a change to be able to do something else at the same time!

COTW: What does the future hold for Finest Imaginary?

KL: Hopefully big, HUGE, fabulous things! I have a new collection in the works at the moment, it’s a slight departure from my usual fare and it’s been refreshing to work on. As this is now my full-time bag I’m going to really dig in and pump out all kinds of awesome.




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