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Gypsy & The Cat are an electro-folk-pop duo from Melbourne, Australia and are about to release their debut single ‘Time To Wander’ on the 21st June 2010. The video for the single is really worth checking out (you can find it at the bottom of the interview!). Cat On The Wall’s Jo Whitby caught up with one half of the duo, Xavier, and discussed the meaning behind ‘Time To Wander’ as well as the bands future tour plans…

Cat On The Wall: For those of our readers who have yet to discover Gypsy & The Cat, can you tell us about the band? How did you both meet?

Gypsy & The Cat: We are Lionel Towers & Xavier Bacash from Melbourne Australia. We met whilst DJing in a nightclub back in Melbourne a few years ago. I guess we just sparked a friendship and got along musically, so it made sense to try something on. We were writing French house (which wasn’t going so well!!) but then after trial and error, crafted the sound you’re hopefully hearing now.

COTW: Your new single Time To Wander is a really great upbeat summer track however listening to the lyrics it’s possibly not as upbeat as it sounds (I could be wrong of course!). What’s the song about and why did you decide to release it as a single?

G&TC: You’re right, at times we think it’s nice to create that sort of juxtaposition between instrumental and vocals/lyrics. I (Xavier) had just broken up with my (now ex) girlfriend, so I bought a ticket to India which was a place I thought I didn’t know much about and it didnt know much about me. So the song is about going on a journey of solitude and breaking out from those moments when you feel the vine is curling up your foot and you need to reach out for something a bit alien to you. When it feels like nothing is really yours anymore. It’s kinda that whole Nietzsche ‘herd, hermit’ thing.

COTW: How are you finding London in comparison to Melbourne? Have you had a chance to experience the music scene in London yet?

G&TC: They are such different places and both have love to give, but I guess London is this big city of dreams which can provide you some pretty amazing gigs. Yea-sayer at KoKo in Camden a few weeks back was really great. In saying that though, Melbourne does have the sun… and since we’re in World Cup mode, maybe let’s just say Melbourne 1 London 1.

COTW: You’re currently mixing your debut album with David Fridmann and Rich Costey. Was the album originally recorded at home? What does it feel like to then go into the studio and have additional ears working on the tracks?

G&TC: Yea we had a studio above a mechanic where we wrote, recorded, performed and produced the record away from the light of day (literally, we wrote most the songs between 1am and 6am). It was a real honour to get to work with Dave and Rich, and they are both such great people and professionals. It’s always hard to have anyone come near your work, but it was great to have such strong third and fourth pairs of ears putting up amazing ideas to take the songs to a better place, which they have done and we are very grateful for.

COTW: Can we expect a tour in the future? Is there anywhere you’d love to play that you haven’t yet?

G&TC: Yea well we are just about to jet off to Australia to do splendour in the grass and a big month long tour with a few cool supports and little shows of our own, but when that’s finished it will be England (ndr: maybe the rest of the UK too?) and Europe nonstop for a while. Stay tuned!

COTW: What are you listening to at the moment?

G&TC: Wax Stag, an incredible producer just outside of London who is actually the live bass player and additional percussionist for Friendly Fires. He did a great remix of Jona Vark for us which will be available as the B-side of our first single Time To Wander on Young & Lost Club. Also the Yea-sayer’s Odd Blood album is really exciting and we think is doing a lot for the world of new music and pushing some big boundaries, hats off to those guys. Lastly the Midnight Juggernauts from Melbourne have just finished their new album ‘The Chrystal Axis’ which is absolutely genius and streamed on their website for a free listen.

COTW: Finally, what are your plans for the near future?

G&TC: Well now that the album is mixed and in the post, probably many a dirty burger and petrol station pit stops.

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