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Hercules Moments is a music blog run by two students Eoin and Russell. Passionate about the Aberdeen music scene the duo decided it was time to show the world just how many talented artists are based in the Scottish city. So, with the help of friend Dave Lovie, ‘Hercules Moments: Vol. 1’ was born. It includes a fantastic selection of music that is really worth investigating and above all it’s free to download! Cat On The Wall caught up with Eoin and Russell to find out more about the blog and the project…

Cat On The Wall: How did Hercules Moments come about?

Eoin: We used to talk about music quite a bit at school, and we were both always looking for new bands and new sounds. One day Russell suggested the idea of setting up a music blog, and I thought it was a great idea; we’d be able to find out about new music, and I could develop my interests in writing and journalism.

Russell: Yeah it really just started off as something to do in our spare time, and has gained a lot of momentum since then.

Eoin: At first we tried to write the reviews together, but it didn’t really work out because our writing styles are too different. Our first reviews had a really convoluted method of scoring too. After writing a couple together, things just kind of fizzled out, but after about 6 months we regrouped under the new name of Hercules Moments and the rest, as they say, is history!

Russell: The name we came up with is a bit of a long-running ‘in-joke’ so it seemed like the right thing to use.

COTW: What made you decide to launch a music sampler of the Aberdeen music scene?

Russell: Eoin really got the ball rolling on it, and then the whole thing started to take off.

Eoin: It all came about after I was chatting with a friend about local music. Every time you go to a gig in Aberdeen, the chances are there will be a local band or two opening the show. And after going to gigs for a number of years, we realised just what a wealth of varied and interesting talent Aberdeen has to offer. We just want people in the rest of the world to realise that too.

COTW: Why do you think the Aberdeen scene isn’t getting the attention it deserves?

Eoin: When people talk about Scottish music, they rarely think of anywhere other than the Central Belt, when in reality a lot of bands from round Edinburgh and Glasgow are churning out the same old stuff all the time. (Although saying that, there are some fantastic bands from down there.) Up here in Aberdeen there’s a vibrant and exciting scene, but it never seems to get much publicity. Our biggest export is probably Annie Lennox, but more recently bands like Colon OpenBracket and The Xcerts have started to cement Aberdeen’s place in the Scottish music scene.

Russell: Yeah I think a lot of it is to do with the ‘Central Belt Syndrome’: with regards to most art and culture, any city in the north of Scotland is often bypassed and not looked at. The truth is, though, that Aberdeen and other northern places have the same depth of talent, but sometimes you have to look harder. That’s what we have tried to do with the sampler: push more local music into the spotlight.

COTW: How did you discover the bands featured on the sampler?

Eoin: Some are big names in Aberdeen, so they were obvious choices for us to try to get involved. The others we found through seeing them at gigs and festivals, trawling through MySpace looking for something new, and from recommendations by friends.

Russell: Yeah, quite a few are through gigs. It’s great that when bands come up, there is almost always a local support on.

COTW: Why did you decide to release the sampler free of charge?

Eoin: I, personally, have discovered a load of great bands through label samplers I’ve gotten free with purchases, cover-mounted CDs in magazines, and from websites. I think it’s a great way to see what’s out there.

Russell: As much as it’s a really great selection of songs, sometimes getting people to part with their money for something they might not have heard of is tough. So really the best way to help get the artists’ songs out there is to make it easily available to anyone. It’s been great that the bands have agreed to give away their songs for free, and we really appreciate the fact they have.

Eoin: As students we have really learned the value of the freebie – if people don’t have to pay for something they don’t really know a lot about, then we’ve found that they’re more likely to check it out.

COTW: Finally, what are the plans for the near future for Hercules Moments?

Eoin: We’re constantly trying to adapt the website to make it better, and have recently taken in some new writers to help take some of the strain off of ourselves. I think really we just want to build on the success we’ve already had.

Russell: Yeah, we’re really just taking it as it comes; building on what we have done already and seeing where it goes. I’m not really one for delving into the future!

Eoin: And who knows, if this sampler is a hit, there may just be another one on the horizon…

Download the FREE sampler here:

Photo taken by David Lovie. Artwork by Aimee Dominick

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