Interview with King Antics

Introducing the London based ‘elegant wave’ trio King Antics. We caught up with band member Jake via e mail…

Cat On The Wall: How did King Antics come about? Why King Antics?

Jake: We’re two guys from Italy and an English lad. We met in London through a mutual friend. Two of us used to be in a band together before, but we split up after the drummer slept with the bassist girlfriend, so we can say. It’s basically all about the same things: sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The name came from a title I saw on a newspaper, it describes quite well our controversial attitude, besides what antics in ancient Latin means err… guess? Ancient, I just like this to have different meanings for each people who read it, we don’t want to explain anything; we love people to use their imagination, we just start fires and then we run away.

COTW: You’ve got some live dates planned for 2010. Have you performed live before? What can we expect from the King Antics live experience?

J: We’ve never performed live as KA yet. Actually we’re so brand new, although we’ve all had a pretty big experience in playing live. With our previous bands we used to tour all around Europe. So we really don’t know what people can expect from our live show, this is so exciting, it feels like we can be anyone we don’t have to stick to something we’ve done in the past, this is the greatest part of being at the very beginning of something.

COTW: Can you describe the creative process when writing and recording songs? How does a song form? What inspires you?

J: We usually write something on a computer first. then we play it with actual instruments and then we put all again in a computer, this way we can take some distance from our own ideas, I’m pretty sure all the songs are gonna change a little bit after we’ll play them live, practicing a song live is a big part in the composition process.

COTW: When did you first get into music? What was the first record you bought?

J: I really can’t remember It was probably the first Spice Girls when I was 11, I used to have a big crush on Victoria, then I started listening to my parent’s records like Paul Simon’s Graceland, and some Police and Talking Heads stuff, this is when I realized music wasn’t all about sex; then I reckon I changed my mind again at some point..

COTW: Will you be releasing a single/album? As you are unsigned how do you think you’ll go about doing this? Are you interested in getting a record deal?

J: We’d like to be in touch with people, if that needs a record deal then why not? As I told you we’re at the very beginning so as we’d like to concentrate basically on writing and playing we’re probably getting a manager for all these things.

COTW: What are your plans for the near future?

J: Playing some gigs in London in the next months, going on writing music and possibly recording a single, then doing all the things young bands do at the beginning I suppose, like answering questions like this!

Interview by Jo Whitby


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