Interview with Molly Case

We felt it was about time that we featured a poet on the pages of Cat On The Wall. Molly Case rose to the challenge after taking an interest in the zine through our Myspace page. Her words are both upfront and sophisticated and she delivers them with great application and gusto. We were especially “blown” away by her piece ‘Gutturally Challenged’. COTW’s Jo Whitby and CB Lux caught up with Molly via email…

Cat On The Wall: First things first, are you right handed or left handed?

Molly Case: I’m right handed although sometimes I play my guitar left-handedly then quickly swap it back to right-handed to make myself feel better and like I’ve improved a whole lot. Perhaps I should invest in some more guitar lessons instead…

COTW: Now we’ve got that sorted can you tell us a little about yourself?

MC: I’m twenty years old and have been writing since as long as I can remember. In particular I remember the day I learnt I could write as a degree course at university and couldn’t wait to do so. I moved from South East London to Bath where I am studying Creative Writing and English Literature.

COTW: What happens after the 3-second delay is up? Feel free to elaborate…

MC: This question confuses me, surely after the three-second delay is up people go on talking as if there had never been such a delay? That or they have been so censored during the delay that none of their words have been put out there, thus after the three-second delay is up there is nothing but a vast expanse of white noise. No wait, no noise at all. That’s scary, like a black hole, and that hasn’t answered your question at all. Sorry.

COTW: You recently took part in the Bath Spa Student vs. Tutor slam. How did you get involved? Did you enjoy “slamming the tutors”?

MC: Basically as soon as I got to uni I found out all about performance poetry and took to it really well, writing loads and performing at open mic nights because it’s so much fun. After a while like-minded
people and poets start to gather and that’s how we formed the team for this year. I loved slamming the tutors although that makes it sound a lot more ‘8 mile cool’ than it was. It was all for charity and the standard of poets was really high. Plus the students won this year which made it very enjoyable.

COTW: Do you have a muse? Does she cook?

MC: I don’t really have a muse although in both my prose and my poetry love and intimacy seem to be a recurring theme. Maybe that means my muse is Aphrodite or something but I don’t know whether she cooked, maybe she made a mean spag bol, I’m not sure.

COTW: Do you have any favourite poets/writers if so who are they?

MC: Yes I have so many, in fact sometimes I’m so passionate about my favourites that I scare people away when I preach to them who they MUST read. Ernest Hemingway is my favourite writer and taught me (not personally that is, although how amazing would that have been) to really economise your words, it makes your writing more distilled and gets you to choose your words more carefully. I also adore Chuck Palahniuk purely for the gore factor and poetry wise I love Sharon Olds’ beautiful personal poetry, Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas and Seamus Heaney.

COTW: What do you want to do when you grow up?

MC: When I grow up and am let loose into the big wide world I would like to be a novelist. It’s a very difficult aspiration and even if you make it an unpredictable living but I honestly can’t imagine not writing for the rest of my life and to be a novelist would just be fantastic.

COTW: What are your plans for the near future?

MC: Near future wise I’m looking forward to doing some more performance poetry events, finishing my novel and cleverly avoiding any potential celebrations coming my way for my 21st birthday. I have one more year at university and then shall hopefully be making my way abroad for travel or to live out there for a year or so. I can’t wait to start seeing more of this world.

COTW: Thanks so much for your time!

Listen to Molly’s poetry on her myspace page!

Interview by Jo Whitby and CB Lux


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