Interview with My Name Is Ian

A short but sweet interview with Cardiff based musician My Name Is Ian who talks to us about his fantastic cassette tape series and sharing a stage with a crack addict… don’t forget to download an exclusive track recorded last night for Cat On The Wall at the bottom of the interview. You can’t get any fresher than that!

Cat On The Wall: Hello Ian! How are you? Where are you today?

My Name Is Ian: Hey, I’m good thank you. I’m currently in Cardiff in bed with a bowl a porridge waiting for the new episode of the office to download.

COTW: What made you decide to first start making music? Do you remember the first instrument you had?

MNII: My dad plays the keyboard as a hobby so I used to mess around on that when I was little. I wasn’t really making music until I was 16 and became the front man of a cheesy college rock band.

COTW: How did you come up with the idea of the ‘Man Club’ releases and why on cassette?

MNII: Well I was writing a lot of different types of songs and my original idea was to release three E.P’s that were all different genres. I wanted to release something physical that wasn’t a CD and I couldn’t afford to release them on vinyl. At the time I’d also been making my own little mix tapes to give out at gigs so it seemed natural to go for cassette.

COTW: You’re currently represented by ‘Art Is Hard’ records. How did end up working with the label? What are your views on the future of independent record labels?

MNII: It went really well. They’re great guys with great ideas. They let me get on with what I wanted to do and gave me support when I needed it. I think there is definitely a future in independents especially the ones that use “being the outsiders” to their advantage. It’s great seeing these bands and labels finding different ways of releasing and promoting their music.

COTW: What’s your creative process when writing songs? What inspires you lyrically?

MNII: I tend to write about stories and emotions that are personal to me. That’s why my songs change from being funny and light hearted to dark and sad. A bipolar songwriter.

COTW: Do you enjoy performing live? Any memorable experiences?

MNII: I love playing live! It’s the best way to make new friends and see a lot of new bands. I can be cheeky on stage and it usually goes down well….unless you’re a crack addict….he got up on stage and whispered threats in my ear…it was un-nerving and weird.
I think I need to play more shows… maybe I’ll answer this again in 6months with a better story.

COTW: Finally, what are your plans for the near future?

MNII: I’ve just finished recording another EP which is a full band garage rock record and all five songs are based on different scenes from the film Big and it’ll probably be released on tape or CD and come with a comic I’m making at the moment. My other plans are to try and play a million more shows this year. I feel like I should try and find a booking agent as I’m terrible at getting gigs. I’m also writing two more EP’s to be released this year.

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