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Reading the press quotes that came with the promotion for this band was, for us at least, very misleading. One magazine described My Toys Like Me like “Lily Allen lost in a k-hole” – for a start the band (thank God) do not sound like Lily Allen and we’re not quite sure what a k-hole is, something to do with keys? ketamine?

What vocalist Frances Noon and her partner in crime Lazlo Legezer actually sound like is, well, it’s hard to describe and that’s what makes the music so fantastic. The nearest comparison would possibly be Moloko meets Tricky but that’s just skimming the surface to be honest.

Our advice, if you’re after new, innovotive and refreshing music is to go and have a listen on their myspace page then buy the album ‘Where We Are’ because it’s worth every penny. As a treat you can download two free remixes of the new single Superpowers by Space DJs and Angry Wasp. You can find the links at the end of the interview!

We caught up with Lazlo Legezer for a quick chat about the new album and total world domination…

Cat On The Wall: We’ve had your album Where We Are on constant rotation here at Cat On The Wall HQ. We love the freshness of the sound and we were wondering where you drew that sound from.

Lazlo Legezer: Thank you!

COTW: What are your inspirations?

LL: Musically it’s about forgetting everything and just following your instincts, everything I have ever liked is an influence musically, but I don’t want to make conscious decisions about wanting to sound like this or that. Early raves obviously made a big impression on me… and though it might sound naff hippy NATURE – perfect imperfection.

COTW: How was the album put together in terms of composing, recording and mixing?

LL: One song at a time, each approached differently from the last but generally no real separation between the processes – composing, recording and mixing just one all encompassing, evolving process. Lots of improvising and messing about followed by obsessive sculpting of the finished article, but mixing was happening at the first stage, and occasionally composing at the last superpowers was the last written, and the most structured process…and it did have to be mixed at the end, rather than just somehow being finished. It was all done in my spare bedroom!

COTW: Where did the idea to use the toy elephant as your mascot come from?

LL: He was just sitting there looking cute.

COTW: Do you enjoy performing live? Any memorable experiences?

LL: Slightly. One of our faves was a warehouse party where at about the time we were supposed to play a barefooted apparent madman was building the walls to the party. Then he set up the PA and plugged us in. Everything kept cutting out and I ended up singing a verse when I
got the mic to work… It was a crack! Supporting CSS when we were just starting out as a 2 piece was scary!

COTW: What are your plans for the near future?

LL: I need a frigging holiday! Better start making a new album soon though…. and, erm, world domination?

Visit the band on myspace:

Interview by Jo Whitby


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