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Not ones to turn our noses up at new technological developments we decided to inflict, sorry, try out our brand spanking new COTW Mark 1 Interview Booth on the 8-Bit wonders Obsolete Existence. The shipping to Oklahoma must have caused it to return factory settings as we’d previously disabled the ‘life termination’ function. Thankfully Matt from the band completed all the questions successfully and his life was not ended prematurely. Phew!

Hello Obsolete Existence and welcome to the COTW Mark 1 Interview Booth. You are reminded that should you fail to answer a question your life will be terminated. Do you wish to continue?

Absolutely! Let us proceed!

Congratulations. You have answered correctly. Please state your name and location:

Obsolete Existence is a collaborative project between myself (Matt) and a few local producers and musicians. We are currently based out of Tulsa/OKC Oklahoma aka the middle of nowhere.

As this is your first time in the COTW interview booth you are required to inform us of your musical background. When and how did Obsolete Existence come about?

Obsolete Existence was the title of a track I released in 2004. We had previously met through the local music scene and had been talking about collaborating for years. We had decided to use the name simply because we thought it sounded nice and couldn’t think of anything better at the time I suppose! Lol.

Why did you choose to make 8-Bit music with “breakz”?

We like to experiment with a lot of different genres, but the next planned release will be mostly melodic IDMish sounding stuff.

Is the ‘Road Battle/Sewer Blues EP’ your first release? Please explain the writing and recording process.

This was our first official release. The songs on this album were basically tracks we’d had sitting around half finished from other projects, a few of the songs are actually a couple years old now with just a few minor updates. We are really looking forward to getting our next EP out and showing off some of the new tracks we’ve been working on together over the past few months, since the quality has improved quite a bit.

Our database shows that your EP is available to download for free from the Betamod website. How did you get involved with Betamod and why did you release your EP for free?

Betamod is an awesome St. Louis based netlabel a few of us have previously released music on. We released the album for free hoping it would allow a few more people to hear it and trying to sell music is a bit depressing these days, unless your target audience are people who’ve never heard of piratebay.

Humans like to perform their music for other humans. Do you do this and if so do you enjoy it? Please state any forthcoming shows.

Yes we have played shows in OK and the surrounding states with our other projects, and are accepting offers for gigs and remix work.

Finally, what are your plans for the near future?

We have another EP coming soon, playing any local shows and possibly a regional tour.

We hope you have enjoyed your time in the COTW interview booth. Your life will not be terminated.

Thanks to everyone at Cat on the Wall for having us!

ida-2 by Obsolete Existence

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  1. resting cell

    This group rules. The sewer blues ep is tight breaks and blips. Solid work!

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