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I discovered Oscar Later on Last FM thanks to their events recommendation tool.It’s not very often that I hear something I’m instantly impressed with. His track ‘Play’ stood out in particular – a well-crafted electro track that could easily compete with Vitalic or Daft Punk.

Buffalo is a top quality venue here in Cardiff, where Cat On The Wall is based, so I always check to see what’s going on. On 14th April Oscar Later will be performing a 30-minute set at the launch party of Kick Out The Trash which promises to be a night of ‘dirty distorted filthy electro’. If you’re in Cardiff that night, you know where to go.

COTW’s Jo Whitby caught up with Oscar Later via e mail…
Cat On The Wall: Hi Oscar Later!

Oscar Later: Bonjour!

COTW: What made you want to create music?

OL: The electro scene which has engulfed Europe for the last five years is my main inspiration. It seems like electronic music scene exploded in Europe and only just brushed over the UK and that really annoys me so what better way than to revolt and try put us on the map.
“Britishtouch electro” is what I want to see on wikipedia with a big dirty link to my name.

COTW: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

OL: My musical conditioning by family and friends even from a young age. I was nursed on good music such as Basement Jaxx, Coldcut, Fatboy Slim: even my mum was pumping AIR and Daft Punk; I couldn’t escape good music.
Now I’m older I’ve just kind of found my own artist’s like Sebastian, Soulwax, Justice all the obvious inspirational artists.
How can you not be inspired after listening to “Cross” for the first time?

COTW: You’ve got a gig coming up in Cardiff in April. Do you enjoy the experience of performing in front of an audience? What’s your live setup?

OL: This is going to be my first performance so I’m pretty nervous to be honest with you, but I have to remember I make music to make people dance and there’s no better way to make people dance than to play some filthy electro.
I also used to be in a band when I was younger which I was the front vocalist and I loved that so I hope I can take some inspiration from them days.
At this gig ill just be using a BCR2000 controller and a MicroKorg I have big plans for my music, performance wise but I’m still working on ideas.

COTW: You’re currently looking for a record label. Is there a particular one you’d like to be signed to? Have you considered self-release and distribution?

OL: Well here is a story for you. I used to own a electronic label, SexySynth Records, which was going quite well until it hit a bit of a wall and I decided to give it up and let the artists free and carry on with my own projects.
So the irony of it all is I could have self-released but now I’m making music by myself I can’t. For now my music’s going to be for free leaked wherever and whenever it can be (i.e. LastFM download)

COTW: So many artists are now dabbling in several creative fields. Do you intend living off your music solely or do you have more strings to your bow?

OL: If I never make it as a big name in electro then I see myself settling down as a producer and at least that way I’ll be a man of value.

COTW: What’s your favourite food/dish?

OL: Homemade stew and dumplings cannot be beaten.
I try make it like Mum did and fail every time.

COTW: What are your plans for the near future?

OL: Making an album that gives people goose pimples.

You can catch Oscar Later at the Buffalo Bar in Cardiff on the 14th April, 2009. For more info visit the Oscar Later Myspace page!

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