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Described as ‘an Italian French electro rock outfit’, Pirate Robot Midget first hit the scene with a rather spectacular remix of the Nine Inch Nails track ‘My Violent Heart’. This was a sign of things to come. PRM is one of the latest acts to sign to Hell Yeah Recordings, a new label run by a collective of DJs and producers united in a quest to break musical boundaries. We caught up with the group via e mail (minus Jumi – but she sent her regards)

COTW: I must admit I hadn’t heard of PRM before the Nine Inch Nails remix. Your take on My Violent Heart is superb. Love it. How did you guys meet?

E-The-Hot: Thanks, we’re glad you liked that dirty hack! That’s what Pirate in PRM is for; and as of PRM, It mostly happens online. We are rarely in the same place at the same time, unfortunately for our productivity otherwise we would have 13 albums already, so the network is playing a major role at any stage as we do our thing – till we get that big studio with the swimming pool and minibar.

COTW: When did you first decide to start making music? What or who inspired you?

E: I started off playing guitar at 8 but I quickly drifted to computer based music with my early amiga listening to cracktunes and mod music, inspired by lots of italodiscopop, Iron Maiden, poison, Malmsteen all the way to Atkin’s Cybotron or Paul Hardcastle, Prince and Madonna.

Almek Urich: I’ve always been into hacking radios and other gear so I would rather say I started out making noise and later learned how to scale it into musiclike scheme. My inspirations are people and feelings.

The King of Basia: one day, when I was 16, I thought: “hell, why do I have to dance to crappy tunes?” probably the very same day I started messing around with samples.

COTW: You’ve been pretty busy doing remixes lately. How does that differ to making your own music or do you use the same creative process?

E: I love doing remixes (just as well as co-productions) and working on other people’s music, bending the original concepts of a song, take it to another place… much using the same process for me. Randomness and Instinct.

A: I must say I’m better at starting out our own music, I always have a hard time doing remixes especially if the original meets my likes… but luckily E can drag us into it.

K: same as Almek (who is my personal music hero)

COTW: Do you enjoy playing live? Any memorable experiences?

E: I love playing live but I’m more of a producer… so I’m that guy always locked in the studio!! Each and every gig I did was memorable as long as I have a funny story to bring back home 😉

A: Memorable experiences…. I once played with John Lennon but I swear I didn’t know he was gay!!

K: I did know that, so I switched to the mighty Paul.

COTW: Is ‘It’s My Beat Now’ your first release? It’s been getting a great response from the music press so far. Will there be an album in the future?

E: ‘My Beat’ is not properly our first release, that’s actually one of our early tunes but it took some time and then… Hell Yeah. We’ve been working several versions of our album for a while already, hopefully it’ll be ready soon but more single experiments might be coming too 😉

A: Much more to come. I wish we would have more quick releases but it’s coming.

COTW: What are you listening to at the moment?

E: Random shooting… Symbolone, Quasar, that Siurismo cut of David Rubato’s Circuit, Tom Trago’s cut of Comtron C64, Raiders of the Lost Arp and a whole lot more.

A: I like the Katamari Damacy Soundtrack.

K: Underworld, back to back.

COTW: You’ve got quite an artistic image (your logo is very original). Is that important to you? Are you image conscious?

E: It’s vital. Me and The Boghe always work hard (well, work and smoke hard) to keep the sound and image exactly at the same level, make the project one with his designs. He’s the one to blame for all the wonderful artwork, logos and it just wouldn’t work without it.

A: Agreed.

COTW: What’s next for PRM?

E: More gigs and a whole bunch of new remixes! People get in touch!

A: More tunes and a whole bunch of pirate noise!

K: Dare I say, King-sized tracks

COTW: Thanks for your time!! Good luck with the EP!

Pirate Robot Midget were interviewed by Jo Whitby on behalf of Cat On The Wall.

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