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If you haven’t heard of Plump DJs then you’ve been missing out! Lee Rous and Andy Gardner first came to our attention back in the early 2000s with their output on Finger Lickin’ Records not forgetting the excellent mix they did for FabricLive in 2003. In 2011 Plump DJs are still packing out the clubs worldwide, still making some the most funky and original dance music out there as well as launching their our record label ‘Grand Hotel Records’. Their latest track ‘Gobbstopper’ is a hit with the crowds and it’s not hard to understand why (check out the video for the track below where you’ll also find a link to buy the track). Cat On The Wall’s Jo Whitby submitted a few questions to the guys via email…

Cat On The Wall: Gobbstopper is a huge tune! Can you tell us about the ‘Dirty Weekend’ mix album it will feature on? What can we look forward to hearing?

Plump DJs: We are planning a body of music for Feb 11th 2012, it is called “Dirty Weekend” on Grand Hotel Records. We have an amazing line up of producers putting forward remixes and music. Exciting stuff.  Check our Facebook page and Twitter for news. Detboi, Beataque, Reset, Mistamen, WAFA, Blatter and Inesha, No De Strip, Peo De Pitte and Stanton Warriors and Urchins on the mix at the moment… plus a new version of Rocket Soul by Marten Horger in construction. With other GH faves Bonsai Kat, Submo and Dirty Supercar providing tracks too, we are hoping for goodness. Dirty Weekend Launch will be at XOYO on Feb 11th 2012.

COTW: How did the Gobbstopper launch party go at XOYO? Any upcoming events?

Plump DJs: Along with our shows at Secret Garden Party and Lounge on the Farm we think we had one of the ‘sets of the year!’ Great crowd, the place went berserk when we started to play and chants of ‘one more tune’ at the end made our night. All the other DJ’s brought seriously fresh music to the event – we could not have asked for more. We are hitting Germany for a couple of ace gigs with Marten Horger, playing CYNT in Cardiff before xmas and Denver USA NYE. Plus gigs touring Asia and Australia and hitting our favourite Snowboming in early 2012. US tours imminent too.

COTW: What does the near future hold for Plump DJs?

Plump DJs: We set up Grand Hotel Records 2 years ago and we are now seeing some great results from our hard work. We hope to keep finding new ways to make people dance and enjoying the world stage next year. We are remixing Stantons, Mark Ronson and Reset and loving our London shows at The Nest and XOYO forthcoming. Plus much undercover work in progress and many bullets in the GH gun ready to fire oh yes!! 🙂

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