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We’ve been championing Savior Adore for quite a few months now on Cat On The Wall and included their track ‘Bodies’ in one of our recent mixcloud compilations. Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer are the core members of the Brooklyn based band and we managed to catch up with them via email for a quick chat about what happens when they have a stream-of-consciousness conversation and their upcoming tour dates in Europe…

Cat On The Wall: We’re curious as to where your name comes from. Can you tell us more about it? We can see a French theme appearing in your choice of band names… Les Frogs… what does it all mean?

Savoir Adore: The name Savoir Adore actually existed before the band itself – it was an entity that the two of us made up the first time we ever collaborated. It was very in-the-moment. The same thing with Les Frogs (another band name we operated under in the beginning) – very playful.

COTW: Actually, it seems you have a fascination with strange names and titles, your first record being a fine example! Is this a way to keep an element of fun in what you do? How do you come up with these ideas?

SA: There are so many ways to have fun with music, especially when you are creating. Song titles are very fun with us, and sometimes we’ll come up with titles before any music is even made. How do we come up with them? Well, they usually come out of a stream-of-consciousness conversation, where we will both spit out lots of wild ideas and then begin to find meaning or some kind of association with certain ones.

COTW: What’s your creative process when composing songs? Is it a joint effort?

SA: Our creative process has varied over time. We started by doing all of our writing as we recorded, allowing us to capture a lot of “first takes” that ended up actually being on the record. But eventually we wanted to try out other processes, like one of us starting an instrumental idea and then emailing it to the other to work on. Our process has been extremely collaborative, and recording has been as much a part of it as the actual writing.

COTW: What was the first record you ever bought and how did it impact your life (if at all)? Can you remember the words of this record without using google?

Paul: I bought Weezer’s Blue Album when I was 13, and can still sing the whole album. It was a big influence on me at the time since I had just started playing guitar. It had grunge-rock elements but was also a pretty pop album, some of the best songwriting/melodies I had ever heard. Definitely a big part of why I started writing songs.

Deidre: I bought Mariah Carey’s Music Box (on cassette) some time in elementary school, and I could definitely still sing every word of the record today. It totally made me want to be a pop singer.

COTW: If you were a member of the audience at your own gig, how would you describe the experience to your friends? Would you recommend Savoir Adore after seeing them live and why?

SA: This is how we’d describe the show to a friend: “They were great! Dynamic and engaging with great vocal harmonies and interweaving melodies. And the songs had a lot of character” We’d definitely recommend us! Our live show is refreshing and unique; the set is eclectic, the songs are memorable, and our vocals are tight and pretty. We also have a great time performing, which I think really comes across to an audience.

COTW: ‘In The Wooded Forest’ is your debut album. The artwork for it is quite psychedelic. Who’s behind the design? How important is the artwork in relation to your music?

SA: We had an artist/graphic designer Connie Makita do the artwork for the album and it really was a project in representing the music in a visual sense. We wanted something that reflected the themes of the album – nature vs. technology, light vs. dark, etc… The colours, the contrasts, the textures – we loved her ideas because we felt they were really in line with the feeling of the album.

Artwork is definitely an important part of Savoir Adore. A strong visual element can really strengthen and define an artistic concept. For our EP, which was a narrative fairy tale set in the “Wooded Forest”, we wanted the art to reflect the whimsical, fantastical nature of the EP. So we had our friend and artist Doug Olsen draw an illustrated map ofthe world, bound between two “book cover” – like drawings.

COTW: Finally, what’s next on the horizon for Savoir Adore?

SA: We’re just beginning our first tour in Europe! Tour dates are at Also, we’ll be releasing our second single – “We Talk Like Machines” on July 26th in the UK, with two remixes (by Yes Giantess and Emil and Friends). In the Wooded Forest will be released on August 16 in the UK. After that, new songs and more shows!

Tour Dates:
July 13 – Nouveau Casino (Paris, FR)
July 15 – Old Blue Last (London, UK)
July 16 – Koko / Club NME (London)
July 17 – Proud / Be (London)
July 18 – Wimbledon Calling (London)
July 19 – The Albert (Brighton, UK)
July 20 – Buffalo Bar (Cardiff, UK)
July 22 – Bodega (Nottingham, UK)
July 23 – Elbow Rooms (Leeds, UK)
July 25 – Secret Garden Party – Where the Wild Things Are Stage (Huntingdon, UK)
July 31 – Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

Savoir Adore – Bodies from Savoir Adore on Vimeo.

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