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It seems Cardiff is a home for quality lo-fi folk music at the moment and SCRIBER is certainly causing a stir with his beautiful heartfelt songs. Cat On The Wall’s Jo Whitby caught up with SCRIBER via email for a quick chat about performing in Cardiff and his upcoming rap career…

Cat On The Wall: Hello SCRIBER! The caps would suggest that one must shout your name… do people do this in person or is it usually a disappointing “scriber”? Why do you call yourself SCRIBER?

SCRIBER: Ha ha, I think the name looks better in UPPERCASE, displaying power and strength. A friend of mine just started calling me that because I wrote a lot. He later said to me ‘Let’s be honest Josh, your name is pretty shit’. I like it.

COTW:  So what is your musical history? When did you first start making music?

SCRIBER: I first started the name about 3 or 4 years ago maybe, it took a long time of just writing truly terrible songs for me to get a sort of foundation in song-writing.

COTW: ‘Holland House’ is your latest single. Is there an EP or an album in the works? What is your creative process when composing songs?

SCRIBER: Yeah I’m trying to get an album done with a friend of mine who’s a pretty nifty producer, but for now I’m still churning tunes in my bedroom. I don’t know really, for writing I always need to have a good opening line and that generally makes the words come out. As for recording, I have no idea what to do. I generally tweak it until it sounds right.

COTW: You perform quite regularly in Cardiff. How do you normally prepare for a gig? What’s been your most memorable performance so far?

SCRIBER: I don’t really prepare for gigs, all my friends will see me panicking about something or other. But I’m a lot better now I’m sort of ‘doing something’. I think the biggest gig I had was with James Vincent McMorrow, such an incredible crowd. I was treated like a special guest. But I love small gigs in Ten Feet Tall and my home ground in Cardiff Arts Institute. I just really love performing on stage.

COTW: Have you started work on your rap career yet? When will we get to see SCRIBER MC?

SCRIBER: My friend Tom was writing a rap to one of my songs during a gig once, so you never know. But I’m genuinely a really big fan of the ol’ hippity hop.

COTW: Have you ever collaborated with other artists? If you could work with anyone musically who would it be and why?

SCRIBER: I really love collaborations, but generally it’s more people helping me with my songs than an actual meeting of the minds. I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas song with someone, I think I will this year. I’d love to do something with Conor from Villagers or First Aid Kit or Meilir, I think we could gel. I had a dream I was involved in an OFWGKTA collab where they ripped hell into me. Honouring really.”

COTW: Finally, what are you plans for the near future?

SCRIBER: I think I’m gonna keep getting the name around a bit and carry on just recording bedroom demos. But I want to get like an album or EP done by November. And I really want a slot at the sŵn festival again, I’m working hard to impress John Rostron and the whole gang. But the future is good for SCRIBER I think.

Holland House by SCRIBER

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