Interview with the Baddies

Baddies are an energetic 4 piece band from Southend, UK. They’ve just released their debut album ‘Do The Job’ and are about to embark on a huge tour across the UK, Europe and Australia! Cat On The Wall caught up with Danny Rowton via e mail…

Cat On The Wall: Hello Baddies! For those of our readers who have yet to discover your greatness, please introduce yourselves… How did you meet?

Danny Rowton: Mike and Jim met inside their mothers swollen tum, they’re twins. I’ve known Jim longest, then Simon, then Mike.

COTW: Your album artwork for ‘Do The Job’ and the style in the video for ‘Open One Eye’ carry a similar theme – what inspired you? How much input did you have in the design/making of the artwork and video? Is image important to you? Why?

DR: The artwork and latest video have a Rod Sterling kind of vein running through them. We like the hammy Twilight Zone look. We were wooed by the simple way it cuts right through to a basic kind of strangeness, in Black n White. The video director and driving force for the album art, Sam Williams, came up with some ideas that we really liked so we went back and forth with him until we settled on what you now see.

COTW: When writing songs, what’s your creative process as a band?

DR: It doesn’t work when one of us comes in with a whole song with melody and lyrics. When we started, and we were searching for our sound, I went away and wrote a few songs but it didn’t work, and at the time it hurt a bit because it felt like a bit of a rejection. But it turns out in order to sound like Baddies, Baddies have to write the song together. But it all starts with one of us bringing in a basic idea, then we build from there.

COTW: Who are your musical influences?

DR: We all listen to an eclectic mix. At the moment, in my car I have CDs by Slayer, The Cramps, Vashti Bunyan, Motorhead, Ravi Shankar, Source Direct and the 22-20s. The reviews we have had come in for the album have been name dropping Rocket From the Crypt, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk and The Hives. So there you see, its hard to pinpoint!

COTW: You’ve performed live considerably! Do you enjoy performing live? Any memorable experiences?

DR: We love playing live, and its a good job we do! We’ve played 32 Festivals this summer. There’s so many things to recall. Chatting backstage to Keith Flint from the Prodigy, then running off to drunkenly swim in Loch Ness. Just playing the places you’ve always aspired to play such as Glastonbury, Provinssirock, Reading and Roskilde is good enough for us. Especially as we were doing this on live reputation alone as we had only released 2 limited singles in the UK only.

COTW: What are you listening to/reading at the moment?

DR: I’m listening to Girls and Boys by Blur on Mikes girlfriends stereo in London at the moment! Apart from reviews for the album(!), reading-wise, I’m trying to learn how to speak a bit of Italian. So I’m occasionally going through a book on that as we are going there on the tour in November.

COTW: Finally, what are your plans for the near future?

DR: We’ve already started writing the first new material since the debut album, so we’ve been doing that. We have the UK and European tour through the Autumn, so that should keep us busy for a while. New Years we are going to Australia and we cant wait for that. None of us have ever been before.

Interview by Jo Whitby


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