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Art collectives exist in many shapes and forms and usually would not be seen dead without a funky or thought-provoking collective name. The Hidden Dingbat Collective certainly get a gold star for their kooky name and their artwork is particularly top notch too! Cat On The Wall caught up with the lovely artists for a chat via email…

Cat On The Wall: Who are you lovely people and how the devil are you?

Hidden Dingbat Collective: We are Phil and Lauren, we have a combined height of 10’7”, and we are doing just fine, thank you very much for asking, and your lovely self?

COTW: We’re very well, thank you. Why are you called The Hidden Dingbat Collective and what does THDC do?

HDC: It was a joke from when we were working on our first job together. Bit of a long story, it involves Batman and the colour blue, maybe we’ll tell you one day. It just sort of stuck and we couldn’t be bothered to think of a better name and now it’s embossed on our business account cards so there’s no going back! It makes bank managers smile though.

We make the brighter side of graphic design 🙂

COTW: What has been the most exciting and fulfilling project you’ve worked on so far?

HDC: A campaign for the Colchester Institute College, we’re just finishing working on it now. It’s the first project where both of our individual styles have truly complimented each other and the whole campaign itself has a really nice message behind it, it’s about positivity and respect.

COTW: Is there a particular style or medium you prefer? What do you look for in an artist when considering new members to the collective?

HDC: We like traditional media like pencil, ink, watercolour and screen-printing. In the last few months we’ve mostly been working digitally though, due to the nature of the briefs.

As for new members, we look for friendly people that are not too tall; a good fringe is a bonus and people that can count to one hundred.

COTW: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

HDC: No, they are top secret. But we are teaming up with a web development company, working on a few projects at 15 Queen Street, and are about to launch some Dingbats merch.

COTW: What artists are you enjoying at the moment?

HDC: Oliver Jeffers and Stephen Powers, always.

COTW: Finally, what are you plans for the near future?

HDC: To make some really nice work for nice people, and get Phil to stop laughing at me when I’m talking to potential clients, and to maybe self-publish some stuff, and if all else fails, open a sandwich shop.

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