Interview with the Rubicks

Cat On The Wall’s Jo Whitby caught up with the band Rubicks (who you can hear a track on our latest mixcloud mix here) for a quick chat about the new single ‘Is This Love?’ and their forthcoming album…

Cat On The Wall: For those of our readers who have yet to discover the Rubicks, can you tell us a little about yourselves? How did you meet?

The Rubicks: There are 4 of us, 2 boys 2 girls, myself Vanessa and Marc were a 2-piece touring USA and UK with a drum machine and we’ve expanded from there. We’ve know Anthony for about 4 years since he used to come see our shows and Vee is Marc’s ex girlfriend as am I.

COTW: We’ve been really enjoying your single ‘Is This Love?’ – it comes across as a very passionate song! What was the inspiration behind the track both lyrically and musically?

TR: Your heart is like an apple and when someone dies a great bite is taken out and it turns dark with the air. “Is this love?” tries to capture the questioning that that bite out leaves, musically it’s a bit like the sound of a dog running through a forest.

COTW: Can you tell us about the forthcoming album? This will be your 2nd full length record, has your sound evolved since the first album? Where was it recorded?

TR: The upcoming album is called “RISE AND FALL OF THE GIDDY”. It’s always about the ups and downs. You can’t have one without the other, in all things. Images I get are things like the phoenix rising, how your stomach feels when an aeroplane takes off or lands, staring at the tide going in and out when you’re finally on holiday, or imagining you’re in a rowing boat on the sea and you’ve just come off the canal. There’s a bit about the search for god in all its forms, the original word for God is Giddy, how money has replace deity and of course there’s lots of sex, death and love…..

Evolution is unavoidable thankfully. You hope to always become more skilful at what you do, whether that’s learning how to use technology that helps you or learning when a song is going down the wrong road and stopping that, or learning to be happy with what comes out of your head, heart, mouth, or fingers. We’ve done a lot more jamming on this record and played round with more drum machines.

It’s been recorded in a few places, places we’ve lived over the past couple of years, a converted Dairy in Lewisham, a grungy back room of an art gallery in Redchurch Street, with half a toilet seat and a lot of marker pen on the walls but most of it was recorded with Robert Harder, a German producer who’s steered us in the way that only he could!

COTW: What is your creative process when writing songs?

TR: Throw it all in, take it all out.

COTW: You’re playing alongside acts like Kavinsky, autoKratz and Kap Bambino on Aug 14th 2010 in Koko! How important is live performance for you? What can audiences expect on the 14th?

TR: It’s very important it’s the bit where you get to express everything and get a response immediately and dress up… Sweat and heart shaped balloons.

COTW: We found quite a few of your tracks on YouTube and the music videos are great! Do you have much artistic input in the bands visual appearance or do you tend to collaborate with outside artists?

TR: We’re always keen to work with people and let them work freely but obviously if we don’t like something…..

COTW: Finally, what are your plans for the near future?

TR: We’re setting up UK and European dates and we’re about to do a series of 3D podcasts as avatars.

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