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After threatening the band with an interview last year at a Bristol gig we finally got ourselves together and managed to catch David Tattersall from The Wave Pictures for a quick chat before he and the band headed off on tour…
Cat On The Wall: We last saw you at a gig in Bristol with the wonderful Coming Soon! What have you been up to since then?

The Wave Pictures: We have toured France with Stanley Brinks, toured in Austria and Germany under our own steam and played a bunch of shows in the UK too. We have also done a whole bunch of recordings.

I’m glad you mentioned Coming Soon. We love that band! Great people and great musicians too.

COTW: You are releasing between April and May a single and an album both called ‘If You Leave It Alone’. Why did you decide to release the title track as a single prior to the album?

TWP: Well, it was our favourite song on the album. It’s track one and it gives the album its title. It seemed like a good choice of single. We like to do 45s. It’s good when anything we make gets put onto vinyl. We like vinyl.

COTW: Tell us about recording the album, how did it happen? Was it a case of just laying down the tracks or was there some ongoing creativity whilst recording? Did you record in a studio or was it a more D.I.Y affair?

TWP: Well, I would like to think it was all of those things. It was a case of laying down the tracks in an ongoing creative manner. It was recorded in the home of our friend Clemence Freschard in Berlin, so I suppose you could call that D.I.Y., except that Clemence has a real talent for producing and engineering and she also has lots of good equipment, so recording in her home has the same advantages as at a studio.

Clemence is a great undiscovered genius. Her own recordings, as Freschard, contain some of our favourite music of recent times. She has made two very brilliant albums, one called ‘’Click Click’’ and one called ‘’Moonstone’’.

The way the recording happened is that we went to stay with her and have a party and we did some recording while we were having fun. I already had the songs. I usually have a bunch of songs lying around waiting to be recorded.

COTW: You’re also heading out on tour around the UK and Spain. Do you enjoy performing live, any memorable experiences? Have you gigged in Spain before?

TWP: We love playing live. It is our favourite thing about being in a band. We have played a few times in Spain with our good friend Darren Hayman. It’s always been fun, we’ve always had a good time in Spain.

COTW: What are you listening to at the moment?

TWP: I have been enjoying Lou Reed’s ‘’Set The Twilight Reeling’’ album from 1996, and Ali Farka Toure’s ‘’Radio Mali’’, a collection of his radio sessions, on which he plays some amazing solo acoustic guitar. At the moment, I am also listening to the records of Smog quite a lot, in particular ‘’Red Apple Falls’’.

COTW: What are your plans for the near future?

TWP: My immediate plan, for right after I finish writing my answer to your question, is to buy a cup of black coffee and then drink it in the street outside. I’m in an internet café on Leyton High Road, which is where I live. I like Leyton High Road.
The Wave Pictures’ plans for the near future include a lot of live dates around the UK, and then in Spain, and we have exciting plans to go to the USA in a few months too.


The Wave Pictures are currently on tour in Spain, calling at the following cities:

17th April Zaragoza (Spa) @ La lata de Bombillas
18th April La Coruna (Spa) @ Sede Fundacion Caixa Galicia
19th April Zarautz (Spa) @ Gazteleku
20th April Valladolid (Spa) @ Colegio Mayor Penafiel
21st April Huelva (Spa) @ Gran Teatro de Huelva
22nd April Algeciras (Spa) @ Universidad
23rd April Valencia (Spa) @ Octubre
24th April Granada (Spa) @ loop bar & records
25th April Madrid (Spa) @ Neu! Club
26th April – Palma de Mallorca (Spa) @ Teatre de Lloseta

Then back in the UK for a couple of dates including the Album Launch Show:

30th April Glasgow (UK) @ Hinterland Festival

7th May London (UK) @ The Lexington “ALBUM LAUNCH SHOW”

‘If You Leave It Alone’ the single is out now, followed by the album on the 4th May.

The Wave Pictures ‘If You Leave It Alone’ from Create Spark on Vimeo.

Interview by Jo Whitby


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